People’s history of the Bay published

Co-editors of ‘A People's History of The Bay of Plenty' Kinsa Hays, Gayel Collinson and Jenny Argante.

About 100 local writers have had their names immortalised forever on the cover of a published book following the publication of ‘A People’s History of The Bay of Plenty’.

The book was launched at the Greerton Library last Sunday by Tauranga Writers.

The book was one of the projects to celebrate the group’s 50th anniversary last year. While a Guinness World Record for the most number of authors contributing to a single book was not achieved, about 100 writers have had their work published in the book, including a number of student writers.

Each piece of writing in the book is about 200 words and subjects range from ancient and recent history, through to the future of the Bay of Plenty and everything in between.

Co-editor of the book, Gayel Collinson, describes the book as “absolutely delicious”.

“You just want to keep turning to the next story. It is not only the backbone, but the heart of the Bay of Plenty. It has a life of its own.”

‘A People’s History of The Bay of Plenty’ is available from Tauranga Writers, email and will also be available from Amazon both as a print copy and as an eBook.

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Green Wizard

Posted on 22-04-2018 18:58 | By Green Wizard

Good to see the labours of these fine lady writers come to fruition..well done..!!

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