Thousands without power in the Mount

More than 3000 properties are without power in Mount Maunganui tonight.

Powerco reports that 3769 properties have been affected by a power cut in the area.

According to its website, power has been out since about 8.30pm and is estimated to be restored around 6am tomorrow.

The cause of the outage is not yet know and a site investigation is underway.

Contractors are working to restore power in the area as soon as possible.


what's the answer

Posted on 13-05-2018 09:31 | By Captain Sensible

Q) Name a 3rd world country that gives $714 milion to other 3rd world countries?


Posted on 13-05-2018 08:12 | By rastus

If the power people have no idea what has caused the power outage, how on earth can they say that it will be out until 6am tomorrow?

So they know that 3769 properties

Posted on 12-05-2018 22:09 | By The Caveman

are without power, "The cause of the outage is not yet know and a site investigation is underway" HOW can a site investigation be underway if the cause is not known - somebody is telling BIG porkies !!!! The real problem is the total lack of preventative maintenance. Under the "old" local power board model, there was ongoing preventative maintenance every week. NOW under the "new" private ownership model, it’s a case of until it CRAPS OUT - do nothing. Go back through the "power failure" reports of the past few years, its almost always down to a lack of preventative maintenance. .............................

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