Tomorrow People returns to the Bay

The seven-piece collective will perform at Totara Street this Saturday. Supplied image.

One of Aotearoa’s favourite reggae acts is returning to the Bay, bringing fans the best of an album which is now known for booting Ed Sheeran from his top place on the charts.

It’s the first time the Wellington-based collective has performed in Tauranga since their last show in the region at One Love Festival.

Vocalist Hamo Dell says she’s excited to make a return.

“We had a full-on summer this year, so we took a bit of a break after all the festivals and now we’re getting back into all of our touring.

“We love performing. It’s so good to see people happy and enjoying their time, as long as that’s happening that’s all that matters.

“We have a really supportive fan base. We’ve had so many change-ups in the past year and our fans have still managed to support us, no matter what we’re going through. It’s such a loyal crowd.

“The towns we travel to are always a little different and so are the people, but the vibe is mostly the same.

“Tauranga is awesome, the crowd always come through; they are so happy and chill.”

Tomorrow People is comprised of Marcus Abraham, Ken Saupese, Hamo Dell, Avina Kelekolio, Duane Te Whetu, Dan Sugrue and Tana Tupai, who together have established themselves as one of New Zealand’s most popular live acts.

Hamo says the Mount Maunganui gig is the fourth out of 10 dates which have been announced.

The gig follows on the back of shows in Whangarei and Ruakaka last weekend, as well as a show in Whakatane this Friday.

“It’s been great, especially considering all that’s happened so far.

“When we hit the road it’s like travelling with six brothers. If we don’t fly then we usually all travel together in a van.

“A lot of people seem to think there’s this huge party vibe when we’re in the van, but the truth is most the time we all just sleep.

“We’re real brothers and sisters, we argue, we have competitions, it’s great.”

Hamo says the tour so far has not been without hiccups.

“Last weekend we were on our way back to Whangarei from Ruakaka when the tyre exploded. It was such a strange thing, we were all in the van wondering what’s going on.

“Luckily our support crew stopped to help us. It was pouring down with rain and all the boys were out in it trying to get it fixed. I decided I’d sit it out.”

She says as with all shows, the Mount Maunganui gig will have something for everyone.

“It’s a mix of all our albums and it caters to all of our day-one fans, but also to people who have just jumped on board recently.

“If you do listen to our music from when we started until now you’ll hear there’s definitely been a change in sound.

“Our tour caters to everyone, there’s been a change in our set and it’s something new.”

Hamo says the band has a busy year ahead, including lots of touring and new music on the cards.

“We’re putting a real focus on this tour at the moment, and we’ll tour again later on in the year as well. We try to get in international tours and visit places like Australia and some of the islands.”

Tomorrow People will perform at Totara Street from 8.30pm this Saturday. A further six shows at locations around the North Island will follow.

For more information, including dates and ticket information visit:

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