Police search for male driver involved in pursuit

File photo.

Police are trying to locate a male driver following a police pursuit near Bethlehem.

A police media spokesperson says the vehicle involved was seen speeding on Carmichael Road just after 7am.

“The vehicle failed to stop for police and eventually stopped on Tangitu Road but the driver fled the scene around 7.20am.

“Enquiries ongoing to locate the male driver and the vehicle is due to be towed away.”

Many residents reported waking to the sound of sirens and commotion during the chase.

"One police car went down Westmorland Rise, with another two or three joining in about five minutes later.

"Sounded like they were led on a bit of a wild goose chase all over the residential area."

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Posted on 17-06-2018 11:55 | By Charlie

those naughty nasty policemen chasing those poor ionnocent criminals again. when are they going to learn that chasing these people just creates all sorts of problems for the criminals

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