Man arrested after failing to stop for police

A man was taken into custody by police last night. Photos: Cameron Avery.

A man is facing driving related charges after failing to stop for police in Tauranga.

A police spokesperson says they received a driving complaint at 9.20pm.

“Allegedly the vehicle had no number plates on it and was towed away.

“The 41-year-old driver was taken into custody and charged with failing to stop when followed by red/blue flashing lights.”

The man is due to appear in court on June 28.

A SunLive reader who witnessed the arrest says the man was arrested on Christopher Street.

They say they saw the man drive up 13th Avenue from Fraser Street, before turning onto Cristopher Street.

“There were multiple police units at the scene.”



Posted on 22-06-2018 11:48 | By 82m

Those damn boy racers

What is going on in Christopher Street?

Posted on 22-06-2018 08:41 | By The Sage

A shooting last Friday and now this. Wonder if the incidents are related?

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