CBD parking fees to increase

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Parking in Tauranga’s CBD will cost a few more coins from this week on, with rates increasing from tomorrow.

The changes mean it will now cost $11 per day for early bird parking in any carpark building in the CBD, and a total of $7 to park in the Strand Waterfront carpark.

In addition the Cliff Road car park will now cost $3 per day and the Dive Crescent car park will cost $4.

The hourly rate for parking on the street remains $2 per day.

The full list of updated parking fees is on the Tauranga City Council website.


cbd change

Posted on 20-07-2018 15:24 | By Wonkytonk

oh my, parking is so cheap! grow up! reason why cdb is not doing good for some is they need to move and grow with the times!

Hang on just a minute here..

Posted on 02-07-2018 11:24 | By Lvdw

Did they not just bring in the shorter CBD parking limits so that they would not have to put up the parking cost? Or am I remembering wrong? Perhaps they should look at deploying more traffic wardens (or actually getting them to do their jobs) to ticket people illegally parked and double parked, instead of just the standard excuse ’sorry, the wardens only work between 9 and 4...’. Everyone these days seems to think that a loading zone is a coffee shop drive-through zone and that red square is a loading zone. The council really shouldn’t complain when more people abandon the city center. Goodness knows what it will be like when Farmers closes for their new build.

Money grabbers

Posted on 30-06-2018 15:30 | By dybryan

Money grabbing TCC, parking fees, rates, thinking about a petrol tax, what next and what for, maybe the museum that no one wants. More likely to pay for the fat salaries of our top heavy council and all the non essential activities they engage in.

ha ha

Posted on 30-06-2018 14:03 | By gingerpussy

what a joke....i dont go to the city now unless i have too....frazer cove, tauranga crossing and bayfair, to mention a few, are so busy with free parking....wake up TCC, you are destroying your own backyard...

No Brains

Posted on 30-06-2018 14:00 | By Told you

The Council has done it again put another reason why not to visit the CBD they are slowly wringing the life out of downtown,the sooner this lot goes the better ,roll on October 2019.


Posted on 30-06-2018 13:54 | By Captain Sensible

Typical TCC ....CLUELESS!!!


Posted on 30-06-2018 12:34 | By Jiz

That’s why myself and friends don’t go into the CBD joke Tauranga Council. Looks like you want the small business to go bust then you will be happy. Just take a look at what happened to Hamilton CBD. Just think you are so greedy. Its not all about the money you make from the us it should be about trying to make us all happy. I suppose you don’t have to pay for your parking???

Blah blah blah blah blah

Posted on 30-06-2018 10:51 | By CC8

Nobody is surprised , that Tauranga City Council has put prices up! Let alone Parking prices... it affects less and less people every day, as citizens abandon the so called CBD for the local malls. The only people who it affects now are the workers at Trustpower and the students at the polytech and soon the University.... All the small businesses except maybe a handful of coffee shops have left for greener pastures or gone broke...THANKS TO THE STUPID over the top parking fees.

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