Local mall advocates the importance of recycling

Grow-Your-Own Herb Garden. File Photo.

Learn the importance of recycling and reusing at a range of creative and interactive workshops.

Kids and their families are invited to attend free workshops at where they can create recycled planters.

“For more than 10 years, Bayfair has revolutionised the way a shopping centre operates environmentally, from recycling greywater, rainwater and food court packaging to reducing waste to landfill. The centre aims to impart this knowledge on the younger generation,” says Centre Manager Steve Ellingford.

“Over the past six weeks, Bayfair has been preparing for these workshops by collecting milk bottles, lids and other decorative features which will be used to design the planters.”

A sensory workshop has also been designed for kids who are oversensitive to certain environments – often finding common sounds and crowds overwhelming.

This will be held before trading hours with extra staff available to create a soothing and stress-free experience. Bayfair has hosted multiple sensory events in the past to make the centre accessible to all.

Steve says Bayfair wants to educate the kids of today to make sustainability, in the form of reusing and recycling, a priority in their everyday lives.

There will be three workshops per day, which will run from Monday to Friday from July 16-20. The sensory workshop will be held on the July 18 from 8am-9am. For further information and registration, please visit: www.bayfair.co.nz

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Onus on

Posted on 14-07-2018 10:05 | By Taffy

I have no problem trying to do my share regarding recycling.However sometimes it seems the onus is pointed in the wrong direction.ie the end user/consumer.The supermarkets push the plastic bag issue re packing,but still provide an array of plastic bags for vegies,meat .Secondly it,s the manufacturers that should be targeted how products are packaged up plastic jars,lids,and then wrapped up in plastic .Recently one manufacture changed from packaging their goods in cardboard boxes to wrapping them with plastic wrap around !!

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