Two thirds of Nzers want to legalise cannabis

According to the survey, only a third of NZ voters want to keep the status quo.

Two thirds of New Zealand voters support changing the country's cannabis law, with outright legalisation being the most the popular option.

According to a survey conducted by the NZ Drug Foundation, two thirds of those answering the telephone survey want cannabis to be either legalised (35 per cent) or decriminalised (32 per cent).

Only a third want to keep the status quo.

Support for legalisation has grown seven per cent since the same question was asked in July 2017.

People were strongly in favour of medicinal cannabis being readily available for both pain management and terminal illnesses.

Only 10 per cent want this to stay illegal.

For the first time people were asked how they would vote in the planned referendum on legalising cannabis.

“These results show that New Zealanders are ready for a future under which cannabis is regulated. People realise that the way we’re currently dealing with cannabis isn’t working,” says executive directror Ross Bell.

“Support for both legalisation and decriminalisation has continued to grow. This is good news for those that support treating drug use as a health issue, not a criminal one.

“This is a sign that people are ready to vote for change in the cannabis referendum due to happen on or before the 2020 election.”

The percentage of people that support legal or decriminalised access to medicinal cannabis has gone by 10 per cent compared with last year: 89 per cent say this should be legal or decriminalised for those with a terminal illness, and 87 per cent said it should be available for pain relief.

In 2017 these figures were 81 per cent and 78 per cent respectively.

“This sends a strong message to MPs considering the government’s medical cannabis bill which currently does not go far enough to improve access for a large group of patients.

“The strong and growing support for access to medicinal cannabis is a signal to MPs that people expect change. There will be widespread dissapointment if Parliament fails to listen.”

On adult recreational use, there is support by a majority of voters from across the political spectrum to shift away from the punitive criminal model.  

Over the last two years, support for personal possession to be decriminalised or legalised has increased irrespective of which party respondents vote for: support by National Party voters is up 11 per cent, by Labour voters is up six per cent, by NZ First voters is up seven per cent and by Greens voters is up 14 per cent.

For the first time, the survey asked how people would vote in a referendum to legalise the sale of cannabis. The results were split evenly, with 48 per cent in favour of legalisation, and 48 per cent against.

“With the referendum question and date yet to be set, we’ve got time for people to look at different options from overseas, and learn what model would work best for New Zealand. As the debate progresses, we can expect more facts on the table, and for people to become well-informed.

“We’re looking forward to this important discussion. From our perspective, a tightly regulated cannabis model would work best to protect young people, undermine the criminal black market, and remove the burden of criminalisaton. This brings with it social justice, public health and commuity safety benefits.”



Look into my eyes..

Posted on 17-08-2018 17:19 | By Slim Shady

Lobbyists, Cambridge Analytica, Russian meddling, Chinese censorship, cookies, pop up ads and “surveys”. All part of the hypnosis. You would hope that people would not fall for it but it looks like our politicians have the same glazed eyes as PM Trudeau. Some people like a blanket of fog around them to keep the demons at bay.

Oh I get it .

Posted on 24-07-2018 19:09 | By Marshal

It must be the very small two thirds.. Like hardly no one .. lol Or else something would be done. You know democracy and all that.. Go hard the alcohol lobbyists . Winners are grinners.. !

Another Skewed “Survey”

Posted on 24-07-2018 15:11 | By Mommatum

Juergen is so right. A survey conducted during the working day will not produced accurate results as the majority of productive citizens of working age guessed it at work! The remainder if not of pension age or stay at home parents of the contientious variety would be the layabout no hopers (as distinct from genuine job seekers making an effort to find employment) for whom legitimising their “right to dark out all day” (at the taxpayers expense of course) would be music to the ears. The taxpayers however would be required to pay for the added social problems that will inevitably result from such a hare brained course of action, and you can forget child poverty. Now no hoping parents will be able to open pop down to the dealer after popping first to the “bottlie”. Let’s do this (not).


Posted on 24-07-2018 14:05 | By dumbkof2

there must be a lot of kiwis out there that lead very boring lives if they need drugs to stimulate what passes for their brains

Yea right

Posted on 24-07-2018 12:35 | By rastus

What a load of crap these so called surveys are - totally unscientific polling which at the end of the day are absolutely meaningless. I am surprised at this generally excellent publication soiling its pages with what is so very obviously fake news.

telephone survey

Posted on 24-07-2018 12:20 | By jurgen

So was this survey done in office hours when most of the productive population is at work. I think saying 2/3 of the population want this based on some dodgy facts is a bit loose.

another doctored

Posted on 24-07-2018 10:13 | By Captain Sensible

And the remaining third (ie the workers) want tax cuts instead of paying $billions for layabout beneficiaries who smoke dope all day and are thus unemployable.


Posted on 24-07-2018 10:08 | By Maryfaith

I don’t believe these figures. I don’t believe New Zealanders are this stupid!

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