‘Fake news’ alive and thriving

Saddened and disgusted is how I feel at the slandering and defaming of visiting Canadians Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern recently at the hands of New Zealand’s left-wing mainstream media who labelled them as ‘far right extremists’, ‘white supremacists’, and insinuated they promoted racial hatred and violence against minorities. 

But where was the evidence? There is none, and never was, confirming that the slandering and attempted banning of these people was not only clear evidence of a totally biased and corrupt media, it was also proof that ‘fake news’ is clearly alive and thriving.

There has been a clear attempt to deceive the public as to the real reason these people were shut down. It is simply because they were telling the truth, and brought a message of peaceful and open discussion of serious issues, without violence.

The intolerant left have advocated for the total opposite. Shutting down and attempting to ban free speech sets a dangerous precedent in any democracy. It is not the ‘victory’ that some leftists claim, but in fact breaches several parts of the New Zealand Bill of Rights. 

These people have been shut down simply because certain political powers are worried about being exposed as liars, with policies that are flawed and doomed to fail.

If you want to view an unedited media interview and learn the truth about what happened, check out the Stefan Molyneux YouTube channel.

D Maisey, Welcome Bay (Abridged).

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Posted on 12-08-2018 13:17 | By crazyhorse

Free speech or hate speech?, we have people in NZ using the term "hate speech" to push their own preferences, the same as calling someone racist if they don’t give you what you want. Auckland University have Margaret Mutu openly pushing anti-white sentiment then we have Jan Thomas, Vice-Chancellor of Massey University who cancells Don Brash because she says his views on maori wards verge on hate speech, it is not her place to decide for the students what they should listen to or who they should listen to because it does not suite her own ideal’s, Phil Goff and especially LGNZ are not there to decide what is best for us as New Zealanders we decide that for ourselves the last week has shown that as Kiwi’s we have had a guts full of people pushing "pinko" ideas down our throats.

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