Simon Bridges: Police have identified ’leaker’

National Party leader Simon Bridges has confirmed that he received a text from a person claiming they leaked details of MPs' expenses. 

Bridges was speaking at a news conference on Friday morning after it was revealed that a person claiming to be the leaker had made contact with Bridges pleading to not be named.

Bridges says the person made contact last Thursday saying they feared exposure because they had ongoing mental health issues.

He contacted police, who confirmed on Sunday that they had identified the person who sent the message. Bridges said he didn't know who the person was.

The party also sought advice from mental health professionals as to how to handle the situation. 

The anonymous text message was sent to the National leader, as well as Speaker Trevor Mallard. In it the author claimed to have leaked the report to Newshub but also asked not to be identified, and said they had mental health issues.

It's understood the person said they were a member of the National Party and that they leaked the information because they disagreed with Bridges' leadership and wanted him to be held responsible for "wasting" taxpayers' money, RNZ reported.

Newshub reported earlier this month that Bridges had spent more than $100,000 on travel and accommodation over the past three months. 




Posted on 24-08-2018 21:31 | By namxa

Nothing will come of it…we pay tax, politicians decide how it gets spent. Us peasants have zero input.

Excuses Excuses

Posted on 24-08-2018 15:50 | By Mommatum

I am also a member of the National Party and If this person has genuine concerns about the leadership I am appalled at how they have chosen to address this. Not to mention pleading mental health as an excuse to avoid being held accountable. There are proper channels for expressing legitimate concerns, and when you are caught out doing things in an underhand way like this I’d say that your only concern of a mental nature is what the consequences might be. Excuses, excuses, this person should be named and if they are a Party member, expelled.

Simon's Expenses

Posted on 24-08-2018 14:24 | By socantor01

Why isn’t the media comparing like with like? Cabinet ministers are charged at a lower rate for the limos than members who aren’t. How much would his expenses have been if the reduced charged had been applied? How does it compare to Cabinet ministers costs?

tax payers money

Posted on 24-08-2018 12:03 | By hapukafin

its still tax payers money and we deserve the right to know.something wrong if the minister cant keep a running account of his expenses and keep it under control.

identify the ....

Posted on 24-08-2018 11:12 | By Captain Sensible

So, the Police have identified the "leaker". But we don’t need their help to identify the "drip".

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