SH2 turning into a debate between politicians

Police at the scene of a crash on SH2 earlier this year.

Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller is calling on the Minister for Regional Economic Development, Shane Jones, to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to fixing State Highway 2, between Tauranga and Katikati.

“It’s all good and well for Mr Jones to ride into town and pay lip service to the issue, but what our community really needs to see is some action,” says Todd.

“Under National our community would have seen the TNL starting construction this year, and plans for a continuous four lane expressway right through. Unfortunately the Government has been dragging their feet with the plans put on ice.

“This is New Zealand’s deadliest stretch of State Highway, it is a fast growing roading corridor and is coming under increasing pressure from strong growth in commuters, tourists and freight movements”.

“Between 2012 and 2016 there were 18 deaths, the highest death toll on any stretch of State Highways across New Zealand. There were also 35 serious injuries and 95 minor injuries on the same section – and that number is growing each year.

“Those killed or injured aren’t just faceless numbers on a spreadsheet. For those of us who live locally they are friends, family and colleagues who never made it home to their loved ones,” says Todd.

“This issue is well above politics, so I welcome Mr Jones adding his voice to the chorus of locals who have concerns about the safety of the road. I just hope his concern is translated into action on Friday when the Government release their National Land Transport Plan.”

SunLive approached Labour for comment and Transport Minister Phil Twyford says work on State Highway 2 between Tauranga and Katikati is being reviewed by the NZ Transport Agency, which makes all operational decisions at arms’ length from the Government.

“It’s rich for the National Party to say they would have made improvements to the road had they been re-elected. Former transport minister and local MP Simon Bridges had nine years to fix the road but didn’t.”

“Todd Muller says this issue is “well above politics” but he is the one playing politics. Our Government has made safety the top priority of our transport policy, and have put more money into safety improvements than ever before.  We are letting the experts make the right decisions about the best way to make this road safer.”

MP for Bay of Plenty, Todd Muller, and National Party Transport Spokesperson, Jami-Lee Ross, will be hosting a public meeting regarding SH2 on Sunday the 16th of September, 4.30pm at the Omokoroa Settlers’ Hall.

All views and voices are welcome to attend.

Emergency services were called to a two vehicle crash on SH2, at the Barrett Road intersection, this morning.


Agree!! It's the ...

Posted on 11-09-2018 15:33 | By 2cents

drivers not the roads!!


Posted on 31-08-2018 16:12 | By Slim Shady

Totally correct. It’s just dumb Kiwi drivers driving too fast, too close and not paying attention. Kiwi politicians are just following type. Expect nothing to change. One day you might get it.

great planning

Posted on 31-08-2018 14:49 | By Opinion100

one. do not make street entrys and exits to a higway on a blind corner. by doing this people are instantly hit with hesitation - this "should i go , will i make it" has a big impact on the crashes that have happened. two- why are you polititians arguing we want a goverment that will work together not screw each other over. three- make people drive for their learner licence ,as a simple test just doesnt cut it to prepare you for the road. the quiz never changes but the road always will . four- place shade where sun beams dowwn on drivers making visibility poor the sun is beautiful but not when it is causing you to go blind while driving. lastly politicians by arguing your just going to cause more crashes out some gloves on and get the board rolling.

Twyford trumps Muller!

Posted on 31-08-2018 13:45 | By SML

Twyford announces ** "Over the next three years, we will invest $235m in safety across all activity classes, including improvements to save lives." This includes safety upgrades on SH2 between Waihi and Tauranga to reduce the risk of head-on and run-off crashes, as well as safety improvements on SH33 from Paengaroa to Te Ngae Road. $65 million has been allocated to the SH2 Waihi to Ōmokoroa Safer Corridor project in the NLTP 2018-2021, as part of an $87 million, five-year project of safety improvements on this route. ** Breaking newss: Good on the current Government for addressing the issues neglected the past nine years!!

Todd Muller speaks of others

Posted on 31-08-2018 13:00 | By SML

but is full-on politicking himself, bringing Jamie-Lee Ross "riding into town" in a couple of weeks to speak on this...... But why the heck didn’t National do the badly-needed upgrading for such a major, and highly dangerous, road when THEY were in Government?? I see most others hold the same opinion, which means we are all seeing straight through this lame bulldust of blaming the current Government for the last nine years of neglect on our local roads, hospitals, health services, infrastructure, schools, etc...... etc.... etc. You had nine years to do stuff, Todd, and all this Simonizing of issues looks bad for National’s future.


Posted on 31-08-2018 12:26 | By Told you

Here we go again blabbing about the road, why was nothing done under his watch he needs to stop this nonsense and do something constructive.

Over Promise Under Deliver

Posted on 31-08-2018 12:13 | By

Politics will only serve to divide us people. We need a fund dedicated for this road, irrespective of who is the government of the day. There seems to be no effective planning of route designations and land purchase going on. That tells me it’s only ever going to be a sticky plaster solution to a much bigger concern. We desperately need effective local roads that can be used as by-pass routes in the event of road incidents. I don’t subscribe to the All or Nothing approach (4 lane motorway -> 2 lanee horse and cart track)

Still blaming the road

Posted on 31-08-2018 11:36 | By Centurion

instead of the too many incompetent, impatient, inconsiderate idiot drivers who cause the too many accidents. Forget the political clap-trap, focus on driver education and road law enforcement instead.

Todd should

Posted on 31-08-2018 10:21 | By Merlin

Pressure the Transport agency instead of all this political c**p.I note he never brings up the state of hospital and school buildings they left behind when in Government.

No Politicking Todd!!!

Posted on 31-08-2018 09:50 | By Bruja

Sick to death of Todd using this to politick. Thats ALL he does. Nine long years the Nats had and NOTHING! Still nothing but now using a serious issue to endlessly politick! Disgusting! Giving people an endless stream of verbal kickings does NOT achieve anything, is massively counter-productive in fact. The election was LAST YEAR Todd. You guys lost (thank goodness!). Get over it and start working WITH the current government instead of this childish rubbish all the time.


Posted on 31-08-2018 08:37 | By SonnyJim

Nothing wrong with the road ! Driven along it a lot. Some drivers have no respect for the topography and drive flat out endangering others with their incompetence.


Posted on 31-08-2018 08:24 | By Merlin

Todd bleating again.After nine years of government the road was the same and they used it for votes for the election.If you wanted it done why was it not in your three terms .More blah blah.The road is currently under review with the Transport Agency that is where the pressure should go .He is just trying to score political points.

Your right nerak

Posted on 31-08-2018 07:55 | By Chookymac

I reiterate nerak you are right in what you say.But why is the News people still bringing up these stupid comments from these two tossers.They had their chance in their positions to do something about all this.Let us hope they dont have another chance for some time yet.If at all

Debate is wearing thin!

Posted on 31-08-2018 07:53 | By NJB

Blah! Blah! Blah! That is all we hear from ALL of these political idiots. To be very blunt, we are all p***ed off with listening to them blaming each other for DOING NOTHING & then continuing to DO NOTHING. Last week someone else died near Munro Rd, this morning another crash at Barrett Rd! (Thankfully no-one hurt) Please anyone DO SOMETHING?

Sad to read

Posted on 31-08-2018 07:42 | By nerak

Todd playing the Simon game. I have much respect for Todd, and didn’t expect him to start following his mate along these lines. Nine years, Todd, why did your party not do something? No political allegiance here, just asking why.

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