Council adopts Beaches Bylaw 2018

The new Beaches Bylaw with come into force from December 1 2018. File Photo.

The mayors and councillors from Tauranga City Council have adopted the Beaches Bylaw 2018, so the community can continue to enjoy Tauranga’s beaches safely and free from nuisance.

A statement from the Tauranga City Council says the updated bylaw includes new rules on the topics below, and will come into force from December 1 2018.

Vehicles – Driving an all-terrain vehicle on the beach is only allowed for recreational fishing. Access to the beach remains at 105-107 Karewa Parade, and ATVs can only be driven between the access point and the Kaituna River. A permit is required.

Any vehicle launching or removing a craft from the water must stay within 50m of any designated boat ramp. Vehicles must not be parked on the beach.

Any vehicle that is in breach of the bylaw may receive a fine of $150.

Longlines/kontiki devices – Longline/kontiki devices can be used anywhere along the beach, expect between the hours of 10am and 5pm from December 15 to February 15 each year, and within 300m of any flagged lifeguard area. If an ATV is used to transport the device onto the beach, the above ATV rules apply.

Fires – Fires may be lit below the high tide mark between 5am and 10pm, using wholly combustible materials only. They must be less than one metre in diameter and be under supervision at all times. The fire must be fully extinguished with water before leaving the beach and all litter and debris removed. A total fire ban implemented by Fire and Emergency New Zealand will override the fire rules in the bylaw.

Drones – Drones are now excluded from the definition of an aircraft, allowing them to be used on the beach. Civil Aviation Authority rules still apply.

Commercial activities – Any commercial activity on the beach requires a council licence.

Temporary and permanent structures – All structures on the beach require council permission. Temporary sun protection structures, like umbrellas or gazebos, and sandcastles are not defined as structures for the purpose of this bylaw.

Nude bathing – Rules relating to nude bathing have not been added to the bylaw. Lewd behaviour is a police matter and is best managed through existing national legislation.

All of the proposed changes underwent community consolation during May and June 2018, with hearings on submissions held in July 2018.

The Beaches Bylaw 2018 will replace the Beaches Bylaw 2007 on December 1 2018.


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