Truck and car crash delays Bayfair traffic

The scene of the crash. Photos: Rosalie Liddle Crawford.

A crash between a truck and a car is delaying traffic near Bayfair.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says the crash has involved a truck and a car.

"A car is wedged in front of the truck, and another looks like it's been hit as well.

"Traffic was nearly at a standstill when we passed through."

Meanwhile reports are also coming in about a pursuit near Tauriko.

A witness says a car was being chased by police near the Cambridge Road exit to State Highway 29.

SunLive has contacted police and will bring more information as it becomes available.

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Not surprising

Posted on 21-09-2018 22:34 | By R1Squid

Cars are rarely in control in this city.

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