Lights to be reinstalled on Barkes Corner

The traffic lights at the Barkes Corner will be back in operation within the next four weeks.

The NZ Transport Agency expects to have the traffic lights at SH29A Barkes Corner back in operation within the next four weeks, following changes to the roundabout metering system.

The green light will be removed from the traffic light, and more sets of traffic lights and signage will be added on Pyes Pa Road and SH29A westbound.

The traffic lights will be different to the ones there before. When the traffic builds on one of the roads, the lights will activate by turning amber, then red.

The red lights will stop the vehicles for between 30 seconds and one minute, allowing traffic from the busiest road to enter the roundabout.

When the red light turns off, traffic can approach the roundabout. Standard give way rules apply when entering the roundabout, even if drivers have stopped at the red light first. When no amber or red light is showing, vehicles can approach the roundabout in the normal way.

“It is important to reinforce to drivers that standard give way rules apply when entering the roundabout, even if drivers have stopped at the red light first,” says Bay of Plenty transport system manager Rob Campbell.

The roundabout metering began operating on September 17, however the traffic lights were turned off on September 20 due to safety concerns. The sets of lights were removed from October 5.

Rob says most people were navigating the new lights at the roundabout well.

“However, we recognised it was not intuitive enough for all road users, and as such, we turned them off, and will make improvements.”

“Barkes Corner is a critical intersection for people in Tauranga and we recognise that it is important that it operates both efficiently and safely,” says Rob.

New Zealand guidelines state that roundabout metering lights require a green phase. A process has been initiated to now allow this project to operate differently with just the amber and red lights used as they do in parts of Australia.

The changes will be trialled for 12 to 18 months. The Transport Agency will collect data to analyse improvement in journey times.


What a circus!

Posted on 10-10-2018 15:47 | By Captain Hottie

Wow, who knew that a green light actually didn’t mean go? They should have just had red lights to start with as everyone knows both green and amber mean go like the clappers. I love the way they also started building the Elizabeth St lights before they had trialled the Barkers Corner. I wonder if council have any idea of human nature and the fact most of us turn into selfish psychopaths behind the wheel?

Accident waiting to happen

Posted on 10-10-2018 08:42 | By arse

Who has lights at roundabouts but Tauranga? Twice the distraction. Avoid Barkes corner I think.

Amber lights???

Posted on 10-10-2018 07:02 | By First Responder

Everyone knows what an Amber light means. Time for 5 more cars! Why don’t they use the same principle that’s used outside fire stations. Two alternating RED lights. Everyone knows what it means. Everyone stops until they are turned off. Its in the Roadcode, loud and clear. Simple.

And what is this

Posted on 09-10-2018 22:27 | By The Caveman

Put them in - we got it wrong - take them out - we are going to put them back costing?? My sources tell me that the in and out was OVER $250,000! And that it’s another $175,000 to put them back!! Great when you have BOTTOMLESS bank account paid for by "joe motorist"!!

Need to be enlightened!

Posted on 09-10-2018 20:23 | By penguin

With all the technical know-how, ability, experience and qualifications, human beings still manage to get things significantly wrong. I feel that the average Jo Bloggs could have done better!

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