Range of weather set to last until tomorrow

The ‘cold pool’ is set to last until at least tomorrow

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It is a mix bag of weather today, with a funnel cloud being spotted in the Kaimai Ranges.

It’s a similar story for most of the North Island today with all the heavy showers and changing weather.

MetService meteorologist Claire Flynn says the weather system is gradually moving its way towards the south east so now it’s Tauranga’s turn.

“What we have over the North Island today is what we call a cold pool, which is basically a whole lot of cold air up in the atmosphere, and what that does is it makes the atmosphere unstable and most people know that phase of warm air rises.

“That means that with the cold air aloft the warmer air near the surface of the earth can start to rise, and if that happens on a large enough scale, it can create things like heavy showers, thunderstorms, and then things like funnel clouds can also form off of those showers or thunderstorms.

“It’s hard to say exactly how common funnel clouds are because it is something that we can detect with the weather radar or anything like that. They are not uncommon and in a situation like this you can expect to see them,” says Claire.

Claire also says tomorrow’s weather is a very similar story.

“It’s all going to be come and go, as these showers and thunderstorms go over. You could see some hail, some heavy showers or some lightening but then in-between there can be sunny spells as well.

“Just because it’s sunny one moment doesn’t mean that it will be sunny the next,” says Claire.


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