Council and Bay Venues planning for city’s growth

Following on from the independent review of Bay Venues Limited, Tauranga City Council has approved some of the recommendations coming out of the review’s implementation plan.

This included a review of BVL’s enduring statement of expectations, which is designed to help clarify the role and responsibilities of the BVL board and support it operate efficiently.

The aim has been to ensure that the community continues to get maximum benefit from the facilities managed and services provided by BVL.

Further clarification to the general funding principles has been provided, with the expectation that BVL look to provide limitations on user charges within the guidelines of Council’s Revenue and Financing Policy.

Demonstrating the high level of trust that has been developed between Council and its CCO, backed up by the December review, the contract for provision of community services and facilities will be discontinued.

The Statement of Intent will be used as the binding agreement to specify the levels of service that BVL is accountable for delivering.

Councillor Max Mason, Chair of the CCO working group welcomes the recommendations that have come out of the review’s implementation plan.

“These and other amendments to the ESE were made in consultation with the BVL board and are designed to enable a more streamlined governance process, forming the basis of a solid and effective governance relationship.

“Council’s partnerships with its CCOs help us successfully deliver our community outcomes, to be a city that attracts businesses, people and visitors, is inclusive, safe, resilient and healthy, with a variety of successful and thriving compact centres.

“The strong relationship between both organisations places BVL well to continue delivering and adding value for Tauranga’s residents and ratepayers.”

The ESE review has also provided an opportunity to update the loan agreement between Council and BVL to reflect its proposed capital spend of $5 million over the next three years, approved by Council in the recent Long Term Plan.

This includes the detailed feasibility study into a CBD-based multi-purpose recreation centre, and the rejuvenation of Baywave and Greerton pools.

This identifies that the responsibility for funding new projects sits with BVL.

Bay Venues chair, Peter Farmer says the changes were testament to the evolving relationship between BVL and Council.

“The BVL board are delighted to receive endorsement from Council for our sound financial performance, solid growth in use of venues and the number and range of events on offer.

“With Tauranga’s growth not slowing down any time soon, future planning for development of new recreational facilities and redevelopment of current facilities will require close collaboration between both our organisations.”

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Whoa there.

Posted on 21-11-2018 08:46 | By Marshal

Anyone who thinks growth will continue at this rate long term, needs to reign in there teenage Ego’s. It is time to look at the end of a fun cycle and realize what comes next. It is time to reduce debt and build savings.. Take a good look at the world markets and the world economy.. !! Or NOT..

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