Busy Papamoa road to get facelift

The upgrade will happen in three stages.

Change is afoot for one of Papamoa’s busiest roads.

From February 2019, the full length of Domain Road will be resurfaced.

Tauranga City Council says the changes will make it easier for people to walk, bike and catch the bus. In addition it will see the road cope better with the number of vehicles on it.

“More than 10,000 vehicles travel along Domain Road every day. It’s a key link for residential areas, schools, retail shopping and the state highway, so over the next three years we’ll be completely replacing the road surface,” says TCC.

“We also want improve safety and make it easier for people who walk and bike through each of the intersections.”

TCC says the upgrade will accommodate for future developments and traffic demand. It will happen in three stages.

The first stage will see road reconstruction between Papamoa Beach Road and Gravatt Road from February 2019-June 2019, including:

  •   •  Papamoa Beach Road roundabout improvements

  •   •  Road reconstruction

  •   •  Wairakei culverts installation

In stage two road widening and reconstruction will take place between Gravatt Road and The Gardens Drive from July 2019-June 2020, including:

  •   •  Road widening and reconstruction

  •   •  Power, gas and telecommunication relocation

  •   •  Watermain and stormwater upgrades

  •   •  New signalised pedestrian/cyclist crossing

  •   •  Construction of shared footpath/cycleway

  •   •  Doncaster Drive intersection upgrade, including traffic lights

  •   •  Landscaping and tree planting

Then, in stage three road reconstruction will take place between The Gardens Drive and Tara Road, including:

  •   •  Road reconstruction

  •   •  Completion of landscaping and tree planting

Disruptions are to be expected during the major works, however TCC has ensured these will be as minimal as possible.

“The contractor will programme the work to ensure as little disruption, delay or inconvenience as possible for you or your business, without compromising safety.

“There won’t be any work planned for between the hours of 6pm and 7am Monday to Saturday, or on Sundays or public holidays.

“We ask that during the works, you assist by planning your journey, perhaps adjusting your travel times and choosing an alternative route to limit the disruption to yourself and along Domain Road.”


Greerton / Cameron Rd / Barkers Corner !!

Posted on 29-11-2018 09:14 | By The Caveman

Mk. 4 - Domain Road - is coming, but it won’t be any better than Mk.1, 2 or 3.

Future proofing says TCC - Tui Advert me thinks!

Posted on 28-11-2018 20:05 | By Murray.Guy

TCC says the upgrade will accommodate for future developments and traffic demand. I say that the future proofing will NOT accommodate the critical use of the motor vehicle with 4 lanes as should happen, that the motorist, as with the Greerton Village nightmare, will be seriously disadvantaged mostly to pander to the ’recreational cyclist’ (who doesn’t take one car of the road) who will have 4 lanes. Where is the complete schematic plan for consultation?

Here we go again

Posted on 28-11-2018 18:59 | By Slim Shady

It reads like a repeat of Greerton / Cameron Rd / Barkers Corner. Not to worry, it’s a bottomless pit of someone else’s money. Those contractors are lapping up all this money. Nudge nudge.

Wrong priorities

Posted on 28-11-2018 15:52 | By dybryan

seems to me that the first stage that is being done on the best part of the road. The part between Gravatt Road and the main highway is a disgrace and needs urgent attention now! Come on TCC get your Priorities right. Have any of you driven on this road recently? I dont think so!

Not again

Posted on 28-11-2018 13:09 | By Told you

I’m a bit wary of road improvements after the debacle in Greerton, if they are going to take up a lot of the road surface in bicycle lanes,this compromised the road though Greerton and interrupted the flow and is a total planning disaster. I hope they don’t make the same mistakes.

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