Have your say on ‘Te Papa o Ngā Manu Porotakataka’

Contractors are transforming the former carpark into an urban greenspace area.

Tauranga City Council would is inviting people to give their feedback on the proposed name for the new open space currently developed at the former Phoenix car park site in Mount Maunganui.

The proposed name Te Papa o Ngā Manu Porotakataka, meaning The Place of the Circling Birds has been proposed by Council staff and Ngai Tukairangi and Ngati Kuku.

The name Te Papa o Ngā Manu Porotakataka refers to the birdlife and natural history of the area. Its meaning ‘The Place of the Circling Birds’ refers to the fishing traditions of local Māori who, much like fishermen today, were guided as to where to fish by birds circling above the water.

The concept of circling birds is appropriate, given the new open space will be used for people to gather, meet and socialise, and as a place to eat, says a statement from the council.

"Local history and Te Reo Māori will be promoted through the new space and its name. It represents Tauranga’s unique identity and also reflects the historical significance the Mount Maunganui area represents.

"It provides an opportunity for residents and visitors to connect with the cultural history of the land – Mauao, Hopukiore, Moturiki, Waikorire and now Te Papa o Ngā Manu Porotakataka – local sites and landmarks that tell a distinct story.

"The new urban space will feature grass areas to play and relax, native trees providing shade, a flexible space for events and activities all year round, a water feature and a drinking fountain, bike racks and repair station and more."

Council will be planting a mix of native trees, shrubs and grasses on site. Pōhutukawas will be the feature trees of the new space, attracting birds and representing the region’s signature coastal tree.

Ngai Tukairangi and Ngati Kuku hapu have been involved throughout this project, from the concept phase through to detailed design and construction, with the two hapu being supportive of the project, and viewing the new space as a valuable location for the local community and visitors to use and gather in.

Works at the new urban green space development are well underway and on track to provide the new space for everyone to enjoy. The new space is set to open in December.

Have your say until Wednesday, 12 December 2018 under the Have your say section on www.tauranga.govt.nz



Just wow

Posted on 12-12-2018 20:02 | By o0motorhead0o

My god the racest bigots are throwing their toys out of the cot on this one! How disgusting you all are! Yes the name is far to long but really is there need for the disgusting comments? Are we not all New Zealanders? Obviously not... I’m not in favour of the "green space" as it’s made parking impossible in the CBD. There is already green spaces at coronation park, Mount Drury, Pilot Bay, Main Beach etc.


Posted on 03-12-2018 18:09 | By peecee09

The majority of us are totally over this utter rubbish. It is and always will be Phoenix Park whatever the Council and the Maori minority want to force on us. Let it be , this nonsense is really causing angst in the Mount community which has been a friendly enjoyable place to live or visit and we must not allow this unpopular situation to continue in this special and beautiful little place .

That park

Posted on 02-12-2018 10:04 | By Terence

The proposed name is downright ridiculous who is being paid lip service ? The general public will come up with a more suitable name which i am sure it will become known by.


Posted on 30-11-2018 18:30 | By dumbkof2

just give it a good short english name. everyone can understand


Posted on 30-11-2018 16:42 | By crazyhorse

Do a "small" group of people have such a big say in everything?, making decisions that affect us all!, this arrogance of the separatists is "infecting" everything in NZ.

Love the name

Posted on 30-11-2018 14:22 | By awv4mac

I love the new name and the story behind it. How about people try it out, learn how to pronounce it and enjoy how unique it is compared to, oh, say Phoenix Park, of which there are others, mostly notably in Dublin. There won’t be another Te Papa o Ngā Manu Porotakataka. And if it’s shortened to Porotakataka Park, isn’t that OK? Yay the council for putting our beautiful indigenous language front and center.


Posted on 30-11-2018 13:02 | By Told you

Why we have to change from Phoenix Park has got me beat, the name suggested is plain pandering to a group of people not directly associated with the park but trying to push their agenda on the rest of us,leave the name alone.


Posted on 30-11-2018 12:43 | By ruralgal

How much money is it going to cost the rate payer for this change when as it has been referred to for so long as phoenix everyone will just continue using that name regardless I’m sure there would be a better use funds spent elsewhere.

What the Hell?

Posted on 30-11-2018 12:35 | By DaKiwiBean

Where is everyone Head on this issue. Its the "Phoenix Park" Then, Now and in the future. But as usual the so called Council consultation period is just utter "Bull Shit". the decision has already been made and the is just the political BS they must go through. We were promised a GREEN SPACE. But its turned out to be a Concrete Jungle, with no shade. All Lies Tauranga City Council. Get a life.....

Have your say alright

Posted on 30-11-2018 10:53 | By The Sage

I will be doing just that on the Council’s website. At the risk of being called apathetic I believe the Council has well made up its mind on the name and are just calling for people to have a say to give it lip service. It will be business as usual.

Green space?

Posted on 30-11-2018 10:09 | By Mein Fuhrer

looks more like a dull grey space to me, like the dull minded modernist morons who dreamed up this latest debacle. Dear Lord where on Earth has common sense disappeared to?


Posted on 30-11-2018 08:55 | By mlangdon

For goodness sake, how do you even pronounce that, just leave it alone, as it was so we can all understand it, why does it need to be changed, it has always been Pheonix Park, leave it alone.

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

Posted on 30-11-2018 08:49 | By Bay Citizen

That’s a stupid name. It’s simply too long and cumbersome. Council should realise that they can’t actually enforce by dictat what people call things, so it will end up being shortened in some way or called something entirely different.

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