Noted gratitude from Tauranga man on the brink

The man was pulled from the Cambridge Road overpass on Monday, November 26.

The kindness of strangers has shown one Tauranga man his life is worth something.

The man, who wishes not to be named, was pulled off a bridge by members of the public on Monday, November 26.

The man had climbed over the railing on the Cambridge Road overpass on the Monday evening, causing traffic to come to a standstill on the expressway below.

Police says some local people pulled him back over the railings to safety and held him until police could arrive.

Since then, the man at the centre of the incident has contacted SunLive wanting to thank those “who stepped up and put themselves at risk for me”.

“They didn't know me, nor had a clue what I was 'on' (alcohol only) nor what I might have had on me.

“They took it upon themselves to prove to me my life was worth something to them and for that I am grateful.

“In the moment, I may have been abusive and difficult and may have even hurt some of them, I do apologise sincerely for that.”

The man wants those who helped him know that he is grateful for what they did.

“To police, ambulance and fire who turned out, my thanks for being there to either support me, or worse pick up the pieces. I know your job is hard and for anyone who thinks otherwise, you are crazier than I.

“No-one knows unless they have travelled the path what depression can do, what a once perfectly happy person suffers or believes when in a cycle of depression and self-hate.

“Even I, who has been there, find it hard to explain.

“I am grateful to staff at Ward 17 who let me be, made sure I knew they were there should I want to talk, listened when I did and hugged when I needed.

“I would also like to say those that feel the need to make gain from some-one else’s struggles, should be ashamed of themselves. I was not wearing a backpack, and could not let go because I was held by strong and caring hands.

“My sincere and heartfelt thanks to all, my honest apologies for screwing so many folks evening.”



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