Tauranga plumber takes home MKR win

Tauranga plumber Liam McPhillips with his daughter Eden who won the 2018 My Kitchen Rules competition. Image: Matt Klitscher/Stuff.

There is a new plumber in town, and he is bringing $100,000 with him.

Liam and Eden McPhillips were representing Taranaki in this year’s season of the TV cooking show My Kitchen Rules, but a couple of days before filming started, Liam and his wife moved to Tauranga.

Liam says since appearing on the show, he has been spotted around town and says that people aren’t expecting to see him in Tauranga.

“I’ve had a few people come up to me and recognise me. I think the weird thing is, I’m in Tauranga but I’m actually representing Taranaki, because that’s where I was born and bred.

“My daughter lived in New Plymouth and moved to Hamilton after the show, but my parents are still in New Plymouth.”

Liam says it was his daughters Eden’s idea to go on to show.

“I never would have done it in a million years. My daughter rung me up and said ‘oh dad I’ve applied to MKR for us’.

“I said ‘oh yeah sweet as’, figuring that we would never get in.

“We got in and I was like ‘shit’.”

Liam says although he cooks at home he says he is ‘very basic and boring’, but this isn’t his first time having a crack at the cooking trade.

“Years ago when I left school, I actually did a cooking apprenticeship. So I have cooked over the years but I have been a plumber for the past 15 years.

“I cook at home, I’m very basic and boring but we weren’t on the show because of that, we were on there to try and push Eden’s raw foods, so that’s why we went on the show and why I did it."

Liam reckons one of the reasons they did so well in the competition was because they were themselves on camera and with each other.

“That’s the way we are. Other people have tried to actually to do something to prove a point or to be a certain way on the show, and I said to Eden right at the start ‘look I’ll do this, we’ll go as far as we can but the moment it’s not fun, I’m not interested in carrying on. We’ll just keep it real, have fun and see what happens’, and that’s what happened.

“If you’re not spending all your time and energy pretending to be somebody you’re not, you’ve got all that time and energy to spend on what you are there to do. I think that maybe that is where some people failed and that’s just the way it is.”

As for the plans for what to do with the $100,000 cash prize, Liam says he has none.

“Well not zero, but I honestly went into the final thinking we probably won’t win, Jess and Cindy were really fantastic cooks.

“So no I don’t really have any plans, I think Eden will use it for pretty much why we went in there, and that’s for her to carry on with that she is doing with her raw foods and stuff.

“I think she will just take a little bit to process and work out which direction she wants to take and when.

“The only reason that I did the show was for her. I mean, why would you not do it for your kid?”

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I enjoyed

Posted on 13-12-2018 14:15 | By nerak

watching this pair work together. Mostly, I liked the way they didn’t take pot shots at the other contestants. Well done, dad and daughter.

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