Holiday litter angers Mount residents

Empty liquor bottles, cans and packaging, takeaway packaging and plastic water bottles are some of the items that have been found.

Litter left on Mount Maunganui beaches over summer has sent local residents into strife on social media.

A post shared to the Mount Maunganui Facebook page shows a number of items which have been collected by a group of residents during a clean-up between Mount Main Beach, Omanu and Papamoa.

Some of the items discovered on the beaches include empty liquor bottles, cans and packaging, takeaway packaging, plastic water bottles, fireworks and a water-logged tampon.

“Thanks to Maria Munoz and everyone else who is helping clean up other people’s rubbish on the beach from the Mount to Omanu to Papamoa,” the post reads.

“It is sad that after so many locals have worked hard all year to help keep our environment pristine, some people from around New Zealand think it’s ok to come holiday here and dump their rubbish.

“There are also great conversations we’ve overheard where visitors who have been walking their dogs have stopped to pick up their dog poo explaining to their family ‘In Tauranga we have to pick this up. Or we can get fined $300, so let’s keep on top of it ok?’

“This is heartening as it’s clearly possible to make people aware, and often it’s the few who can ruin things for others.

“So please keep smiling and say hello to visitors.”

The post has generated more than 40 comments so far.

“Every year it’s always the same. It’s time we got a crew together in the early hours of New Year’s Day to do a sweep,” says a comment left by Saje Jarvis on the post.

“Whenever I walk my dog on the beach I always collect the plastic rubbish that I find. Shame it's dropped but it gives another purpose to my walk,” says Sarah Farr.

“So sad that some people feel so entitled to leave their rubbish behind for someone else to tidy up after them,” says Lisa Fowler. “This is our local backyard. Would you leave your own personal backyard looking like this? Our beaches are there for everyone to enjoy but this is not ok. Thank you Maria for your hard work.”


Hit them in the pocket

Posted on 04-01-2019 14:58 | By SML

as that’s the only thing that these self-entitled scumbag litterers understand. Problem is, they often do this at night, without a care or a thought for the mess they’re leaving - and a darn good reason why there should be an alcohol ban all along that beachfront.

the 'few' spoil it :(

Posted on 04-01-2019 14:07 | By Calm Gully

Great effort from the locals, cleaning up after others. People wonder why their is no festivities on Mount Beach for NY, once again is it because a few idiots spoil it for everyone. Council did a great job arranging Family Friendly entertainment. If everyone was responsible, we could all safely enjoy the beach, again. Take your rubbish with you and drink in private areas. Maybe one day we can responsibly take a wine/beer to our beach picnic again.

Out of towners?

Posted on 04-01-2019 13:17 | By WSTAKL

Evidence that it was people ’from around New Zealand’? Or is it convenient to blame others as it’s holiday season? I have seen shocking stuff from locals regarding rubbish dumping.

Clobber them.

Posted on 04-01-2019 11:54 | By morepork

There are stupid and irresponsible people who have no regard or respect for themselves or our community and environment. The way to address this is to make fines for littering severe, AND ENFORCE IT! If it hits them in their wallets they will gradually come to realize it is not a good thing to do and, even if they do the right thing for the wrong reason (fear of consequences) it still works out better for us. Ideally, we should be educating children from an early age to recognize the fragility and beauty of the place we live and the need to treasure and conserve it so everyone can enjoy it in perpetuity. If there are people who simply won’t get on board with this program then we need to give them a swift kick in the wallet.

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