Calls to conserve water in Tauranga

Residents are reminded to think about their water use as we head into another hot, dry weekend.

The Tauranga water supply is under pressure with high demand and is being monitored closely.

If water use continues to increase, a sprinkler ban is likely to be put in place.

Tauranga City Waters Manager Steve Burton says that we can all do our bit to conserve water.

“There are simple ways to save water while still taking good care of gardens.

“If you water your garden, do it in the cooler hours of the day to make every drop count. Use a hose rather than sprinklers and use a broom instead of hose when cleaning down outdoor surfaces."

Other water saving tips:

  •   •  fix any drips and leaks in your household – contact our Waterline team for a free advice on how to be more water efficient around the home

  •   •  mulch your garden to keep moisture in

  •   •  turn off the tap when shaving or brushing your teeth

  •   •  take shorter showers

For more information and conservation tips, visit 

Tauranga water use level.


Sorry, but did I and the rest of the Tga ratepayers

Posted on 13-01-2019 20:58 | By The Caveman

miss something. Water meters were sold to us as the be all and end all of Summer water shortages. We now PAY per litre !!! As such I will use as much as I like - especially when it comes to my vegie garden. About time the Council started to spend rates on NECESSARY infrastructure (water and reservoirs) and forgot about Museums - that the ratepayers clearly told them to forget about two years ago, fancy concrete "green" parks that have removed car parks from shopping areas and been replaced by skateboard parks..

hang on a minute

Posted on 11-01-2019 21:24 | By old trucker

Now they are telling us to save water, why have we got meters then,i understand by a contractor that there is a huge leak at a, certain place and they cannot find it,hundreds of thousands of litres,there are so many old galv,. pipes there that they cannot trace where they all go,and the meter is going ballistic,anyway i thought TCC has built all these xtra tanks for storage,what next.

Perhaps then................

Posted on 11-01-2019 21:22 | By groutby we start to move into a very predictable Summer, ’we’ should have planned suitable infrastructure (reservoirs) for an equally predictable high use of water? we now pay for ’every drop’ of water we use, I suggest we should reasonably expect to get it..but no...we are spending valued infrastructure money investigating ways to get a Museum..(again).. after the rate paying public had put ’it to bed’ for the Council, get a grip guys!..this is expected..EVERY towards a solution for goodness sake!...and thank you for the tips...children with no guidance from their parents (nor pay rates) may find this useful...

Years of growth

Posted on 11-01-2019 21:19 | By Centurion

Its 2019. Where is the infrastructure, supposedly funded by development fees, to address water collection, treatment and storage? We were conned into believing that meters would solve all our woes ... what happened to that theory? Come on TCC, its 2019, not 1990.

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