Tauranga man jailed after neglecting his two dogs

Tank, pictured above, and Sass, pictured below. Supplied photos.

A Tauranga man has been jailed after his two dogs lost over 40 per cent of their body weight and were found infected with intestinal worms and fleas.

Louis Delves pleaded guilty to four charges under the Animal Welfare Act 1999 relating to failing to ensure the physical, health and behavioural needs of his two dogs Tank and Sass were met.

In Tauranga District Court yesterday, Delves was sentenced to 4 months 2 weeks’ imprisonment, ordered to pay reparations of $455.78 and $250 contribution towards legal costs.

He was also disqualified from owning or exercising authority of dogs for three years.

The case began on June 13 2017, when an SPCA Inspector visited the defendant's property in Whanganui after receiving an animal welfare complaint.

The SPCA Inspector found Tank and Sass, two Staffordshire bull terrier dogs in extremely thin body condition.

Tank was chained to a carport post and was cowering, totally exposed to the torrential rain.

Sass was curled up shivering inside a kennel and run.

Both dogs were seized by the SPCA Inspector and taken for veterinary assessment.

Tank and Sass were found to be emaciated and had lost over 40 per cent of their body weight.

They had a body condition score of just 1 out of 9, and both dogs were infected with intestinal worms and fleas, says a statement released by the SPCA.

Tank was anaemic, likely due to parasite-related blood loss and nutritional deficiencies causing impaired red blood cell regenerating capacity.

Sass’s blood tests revealed low creatinine, likely a result of malnutrition and low muscle mass, and she had dirty wounds on her ears.

In SPCA’s care, both dogs flourished.

After just one month Tank gained 10.5kg and Sass gained 9.5kg.

Both have been adopted to new loving families and are happy and healthy.

“Sadly, this situation of significant neglect is something we see far too often,” says SPCA CEO Andrea Midgen.

“Tank and Sass were completely reliant on their owner for food and veterinary treatment. Not only did he fail to provide them the food they needed, but he left them chained and alone in the backyard, unable to move or attempt to find food themselves.

“These dogs were highly vulnerable.

“The serious neglect of Tank and Sass is completely unacceptable. I’d like to remind all New Zealand animal owners – it is your legal responsibility to ensure the physical, health and behaviour needs of your pet are being met.”



thank you

Posted on 25-01-2019 11:36 | By ruralgal

Yes agreed huge thank you goes out to those who reported this disgusting act on those poor little innocent dogs who could not help thier situation. Why have an animal if you are just going to abuse it it’s just sick & twisted. Also thanks to the SPCA who unfortunately have to often deal with cases of neglect your absolute hero’s. I hope the dogs are now enjoying thier new second lives it must be sooo hard for them to learn to trust again.

Maybe in jail they should...

Posted on 25-01-2019 00:54 | By GreertonBoy

Chain him up in the exercise yard with no food or water and see how he likes it?

Come on Lawyers, Councillors someone in authority...SPEAK UP!!!

Posted on 24-01-2019 20:05 | By Bruja

The law needs changing and it needs changing NOW!!! This man (and all the others like him!) should NEVER EVER be allowed to own/have possession of ANY animal EVER again! PLEASE, SPEAK UP!!

Lock him up and throw away the key

Posted on 24-01-2019 17:43 | By The Sage

He should be banned forever from owning an animal. Hate to think how he would treat his children, if he had them. Lowest of the low.


Posted on 24-01-2019 11:27 | By Boobytrap

Thank God someone reported this to the SPCA. Too much of this happens in NZ and goes unreported. Why do people have animals if this is how they are going to treat them? It boggles the mind. The SPCA brought them back to health and found them new homes. A big thank you to them, the person who reported the neglect, and the people who adopted them. I would love to see the new healthy Tank and Sass in their new environments :)

Justice finally

Posted on 24-01-2019 11:16 | By Smithie

So great to hear a prison sentence for animal cruelty. Fines only are not a deterrent. Well done spca for sticking with this and providing a second chance for these dogs.

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