Sprinkler ban in place for Tauranga

Put the sprinklers away, they are now banned in Tauranga for the time being.

A sprinkler ban for Tauranga begins at 9am today, following peak water usage combined with a hot, dry weather forecast.

Tauranga City Council is asking residents to stop using all garden sprinklers and irrigation systems until further notice.

Residents can continue to water their gardens, by hand-held hose or watering can at the cooler times of day, between 5am and 8am, and from 7pm to 10pm.

City Waters Manager Steve Burton says Tauranga residents’ efforts to conserve water have enabled restrictions to be held off so far.

“We’ve made it this far into summer thanks to residents’ efforts, but with temperatures climbing further recently we’ve seen water use jump again,” says Steve.

“With no rain on the horizon, we now need to place a ban on the use of sprinkles,” he says.

The city’s current water demand is up by 30 per cent on normal average water use.

Average usage is about 40 million litres per day and the current demand is over 52 million litres per day.

“There’s a limit to the amount of drinking water we are able to process in a day and recently we’ve been getting close to that limit on a daily basis,” says Steve.

“There’s enough to go around if everyone does their bit to conserve water, especially when it comes to watering the garden.

“Small changes in how we use water around the house can have a big impact in the long run.”

Restrictions on garden sprinklers and irrigation systems aim to reduce outdoor water use to avoid the need for more stringent restrictions.

Tauranga City Council is investing $115 million in the development of a new water supply that will meet the future needs of Tauranga and the wider Western Bay of Plenty, and provide relief for summer water demands from 2021.

For further information and tips on water conservation in and around the house, head to www.tauranga.govt.nz/savingwater

To report water leaks or breaches to water restrictions, phone 07 577 7000.


Water Shortage

Posted on 03-02-2019 11:50 | By Taffy

Here is a suggestion. Due to a water shortage in Tauranga . TCC have announced that all swimming pools will have the two outside lanes closed!


Posted on 01-02-2019 15:53 | By Slim Shady

That reminds me, I need to re-fill the pool with fresh water. It got a few leaves and bird muck in it.

@ old trucker

Posted on 31-01-2019 23:51 | By The Caveman

YES we were sold water meters as the big fix to Tauranga’s long term water needs - SORRY CRAP! How many extra houses have been built since water meters arrived - thousands ! What extra water resource had been added to the TCC supply in the last 20 years - ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH, so where has all the money from the water meters gone ?? MY vegie garden will continue to get its TWO waterings a day - morning and night. I pay for my water supply so I WILL USE IT !!!

hang on a minute

Posted on 30-01-2019 12:13 | By old trucker

Me tinks why, we have water meters, NOW What if they spent that $5+million for that stupid bike bridge over Wairoa river,maybe its not the TCC money, BUT that could be used for water, its not RATEPAYERS FAULT we are out of water, get your ACT togeather TCC all these consultants and BUDDY SYSTEM that is RAMPANT in TCC, maybe CEO needs to tip all you people up side down and shake out all the DEADWOOD, which would probably most of them, but they would be hanging on grim death to stop sliding out, by the way what do 600 staff do all day, thats more than Parliment,anyway my 2 pennies worth, 10-4 out,phew.

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