Toll road prices set to increase from March

Motorists who use the toll roads in Tauranga are set for a price increase. Image: File.

Toll prices on State Highway 2 and State Highway 29 will increase on March 1.

Tolls on the Tauranga Eastern Link toll road on SH2 will increase by 10cents to $2.10 for cars, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles.

It will increase by 20cents to $5.20 for heavy commercial vehicles.

Tolls on the Takitimu Drive toll road on SH29 will increase by 10cents to $1.90 for cars, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles.

It will increase by 20 cents to $5 for heavy commercial vehicles.

NZ Transport Agency Regional Transport Systems Manager Rob Campbell says the toll increase has been kept to a minimum and is necessary to respond to inflation and ensure the toll road remains on track to repay debt as planned.

“The legislation covering the road toll allows for the tolls to be annually adjusted in line with increases in the Consumer Price Index. The tolls were last increased in 2015.”

The Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road is a 15km section of SH2 between Paengaroa and Papamoa which provides road users a shorter, quicker option to its free alternative, the Te Puke Highway through Te Puke.

The Takitimu Drive Toll Road, formerly known as Route K Toll Road, is a 5km road that bypasses the Tauranga city centre and takes traffic from SH29 to SH2 in the direction of the Port of Tauranga and Mt Maunganui. The alternative routes are via Cameron Road or Cambridge/Moffat Roads.

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More information please.

Posted on 07-02-2019 17:12 | By Floyd

I do not see why NZTA do not publish how the repayments are progressing against the cost of the project so that we can see when the cost will be repaid and the toll gantries removed? Must say I enjoy driving on the new roads in Waikato with no tolls.

Hay Tauranga,

Posted on 04-02-2019 21:51 | By The Caveman

It’s NOT Auckland and as 40% of the population are semi-retired or retired, according to the NZTZ are concerned, they are in NOT hurry to get anywhere. Thus for the real workers - sorry - you should be on a BIKE! As the 40% retired have all day to get to and from the supermarket!! There is NO need to improve the two lane roads - one lane each way !!


Posted on 04-02-2019 16:52 | By Gaz

They take our money for some of the only tolled roads in the country, they will not build a safe 4 lane safety barrier SH2 in order that people do not get involved in accidents and die so often, but they think it is ok to take more $ from us. Our families are scared every time we drive along SH2, and many of us, are now avoiding this road when possible. It is not fair or right that they do this.

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