Missing chihuahua found 17 days after crash

Bubbles the chihuahua has been found. Image: Stuff.co.nz

After 17 days of non-stop searching, Bubbles the Chihuahua has been found.

Over two weeks ago Bubbles was involved in a serious head-on collision at the intersection of Huka Falls Road and Thermal Explorer Highway in Taupō. The dog was thrown from the vehicle and her owner, Faye Emery, admitted to Waikato Hospital.

Bubbles had been lost in the bush ever since.

But on Sunday afternoon Bubbles was sighted on the same road as the accident and searcher Ken Moody was successful in finally grabbing her.

"She was last sighted 13 days ago," Ken says.

"When she was seen earlier on today, I was contacted straight away. I shot down to where she was, calmed her down, gave her water from my hands and then pulled her out of some blackbush."

Bubbles was taken straight to Vetora Taupō where she is being treated for dehydration and superficial ulcers to both eyes.

"She has chronic conjunctivitis but other than that she's fine," vet, Jessica Johnson, says.

"She's being treated with IV fluids and carefully given food until her tummy is able to handle it properly. She will be here a couple of days, we need to correct the dehydration slowly."

Emery's grandson, Aaron Milne, has made many trips to Taupō from Auckland over the past 17 days joining in on the search parties for Bubbles.

On Sunday, he received that one phone call that led to her being reunited with her family.

"I asked them to take a photo and it looked like Bubbles. I got a bit excited and rung Ken straight away. We needed to get people there straight away," he says.

About 20 people turned up to the spot where Bubbles was sighted and all did their part to make sure she was captured this time.

"It's just amazing. We are so overwhelmed by how many people came in and offered to help out," Aaron says.

"Not just with the search - there was even a lady who offered free dry cleaning for those searching."

Aaron says that his nan Faye was very emotional and can't wait to be with her beloved pooch again.

Many searches for Bubbles have been organised since she went missing after the January 18 crash.

Ken says they set traps, went trekking at night with thermal imaging and night visions goggles.

Searchers laid out the car seat covers from the vehicle and pieces of clothing that belonged to Emery - all in the hopes of finding and catching Bubbles.

"It's just amazing what a bit of will power can do," Ken says.

Bubbles' owner and her family have been notified and are currently on their way to Taupō.

-Stuff.co.nz/Steph Rangi

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Posted on 05-02-2019 07:14 | By nerak

story to start my day! Well done to Ken and others. So pleased for Bubbles’ mum. And thanks Sun for the follow up.

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