Safety message following BOP fatal crashes

Two people have been killed following motorbike crashes in the Bay of Plenty in the last week.

Two fatal motorbike crashes in the Bay of Plenty have prompted police to issue a safety warning.

Inspector Brendon Keenan says in the good weather, more people get out on their motorbikes to make the most of it.

He says while the crashes are still being investigated, and it is too early to comment on how or why they occurred, they are asking road users to pay attention and make safe decisions.

“Every driver and rider should be in a position to react safely if someone makes a mistake in front of you.

“Err on the side of caution, even when you think you have the right of way.”

Being safe is more important than being right, says Brendon.

“Motorbikes can be difficult to see, so we ask drivers to look twice at intersections and before changing lanes.

“We also urge motorcyclists not to take risks.

“An unsafe manoeuvre or going too fast for the conditions could have tragic consequences.

“Also bear in mind you may be in a blind spot when overtaking.

“We also encourage riders to look in to the Ride Forever courses that are available.”
Brendon says these safety training courses are run throughout New Zealand and are a great benefit to any riders at any stage of their riding experience.

“Being familiar with your vehicle and knowing how to handle it properly could save your life.”


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So sad, so very sad..........

Posted on 05-02-2019 21:26 | By groutby

.....not only are motorcyclists being hurt and worse still killed predominantly at intersections, the NZ Police are not going to reveal why this is happening, and I do NOT believe that reasons are not known. Easier to blame (in the main) for the motorcycle being at fault isn’t it Inspector Keenan?...yes of course there are the nut jobs who ride out there without regard for fellow road users, but I am seriously ’over’ the main blame being pointed at the riders for the sake of an ’easy answer’.....please...point me to documented genuine facts in regard to motorcycle road deaths and I think we will see a different story...

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