Large swells close Mauao Base Track

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Tauranga City Council have closed a section of Mauao’s base track temporarily due to heavy swells.

The closed section is about half way round the track, meaning walkers will have to turn back rather than complete the full circuit.

In a statement from the Tauranga City Council, it says if you choose to walk the base track today, please exercise caution – particularly if you have children with you.

“The section is expected to reopen at 3pm today.

“Our parks team is monitoring the situation. Contractors and signage are in place.”

The other tracks on Mauao remain open.

Reports are also coming in that Leisure Island has been closed due to the swells.

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Butt out TCC

Posted on 11-02-2019 14:38 | By Captain Sensible

So....anyone, including children, can swim at the beach with the same waves that are pounding the base track and Leisure Island, but people are banned from the base track and Leisure Island?! Huh???!! Council should butt out and let people make their own decisions.

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