Slips on the increase

On a recent visit to my favourite viewing spot of the Mount from the end of Plummers Point Road, I was dismayed to find the picnic area reduced by a big slippage of the cliff edge. I have been checking the rate of slippage for long periods and the rate appears to have increased.

I have tried to attract attention to the dangers without success. It may have been just a coincidence, but 25 years ago the council cleared the scrub from the road end and soon afterward the slip appeared.

We can’t burden the locals here with further problems like slips, as they are fully occupied coping with overcrowded roads.

What is especially galling is that council have recently made grants to fund Maori history parks.

We experienced an erosion problem at Aotea Harbour some years ago when the tide changed direction - it washed out two rows of sections and baches. We ratepayers formed a group and, with the initial help of the council, we persisted with minor defences and eventually turned the tide.

B Young, Whakamarama.


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