NZ Fur seal visits Whitianga property

Photo: Conservation Volunteers Coromandel Facebook page.

A New Zealand Fur seal named Ferdinand has made his way up to a home near the Whitianga waterways today.

The Conservation Volunteers Coromandel Facebook page advises residents to call their 0800 line if they believe seals or people are in immediate danger.

“Remember to give wildlife their space, please don’t approach or feed Ferdinand (seal), keep dogs and children well away, they do bite, hard.

“Ferdinand is likely going to swan around on your boat pontoons and boat ramps while he rests. He doesn’t realise he is being a nuisance.”

Conservation Volunteers Coromandel says to call 0800 DOC HOT for any seal concerns, or to visit the link here for more information on New Zealand Fur Seals.

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That veranda.....

Posted on 10-04-2019 22:02 | By GreertonBoy

Obviously has Ferdinand’s ’seal of approval’

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