Modern Christianity

It has been very enlightening to read and hear what folks are saying about Israel Folau’s demise after he posted 1 Cor 6:9-11 on Instagram.

He has been severed from a multi-million-dollar contract for that action. One of the most renowned pastors in Australia has excoriated him for doing what he did. Brian Houston, pastor of Hillsong Church in Sydney has accused him of being judgmental and unloving along with much more.

Hillsong is a mega church which has ‘planted’ many ‘daughter churches’ in several countries. These church’s pastors are charged with teaching the truth from God’s life instruction manual, as is Brian himself.

I would strongly suggest if Brian and his partners in false teaching had been teaching the truth of God’s word along with all other Christian preachers, Israel’s post would not have drawn a single criticism, because it would have been common knowledge what God has said in His life instruction manual.

It is clear that the LGBTQ community has greater credibility than does the so-called Church of today.

Shame and disgrace on the false prophets that God warned us would be forthcoming. They are afraid to speak the truth. It might upset someone!

C Stitt, Katikati


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