Leave the name

If the Canterbury Crusaders let the NZ PC brigade and a killer dictate to them they are validating the murderer's action as a success and he will go down in history as one who brought the mighty Canterbury rugby team to its knees.

Journalists who perpetuate this action (particularly Stuff) with their approval, tacit or otherwise, also are letting a killer know he has won and his name will now be recorded in infamy (but recorded nevertheless).

 I find it unbelievable that NZ people and NZ rugby can so readily fall into such guilt ridden, post-incident anguish. Maybe we should go through all the battles throughout history and reassign them names that do not reflect an historic event. The definition of crusade is 'vigorous campaign in favour of a cause'. The team used to be just that - Crusaders themselves should remember their own image "Crusaders of the South".

It is time to back NZ and the Crusaders and not fall under the PC sword which becomes more powerful every time we yield to it,

R Stephens


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