Tauranga CBD parking woes turning people off

More bike racks and an increased use of public transport will help parking frustrations in the CBD, residents say. Photo: Daniel Hines.

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Parking availability and cost in the Tauranga CBD is causing shoppers to spend their dollars elsewhere.

SunLive went into the heart of Tauranga to ask people if they tend to park in the CBD, and if the lack and cost of parks turns them away from shops in the city.

A Papamoa local says she would much rather go to her local shops or to Bayfair than travelling into the Tauranga City shops. She also catches the bus, as it’s too hard to find a park.

“Parking costs too much, and running the car. I don’t often come into Tauranga.”

Another resident believes public transport should be utilised more often, to reduce car congestion.

“We should use buses rather than the cars if you are coming for shopping.

“You should bring bikes or use public transport.”

One resident believes Rotorua has an efficient parking model, in which Tauranga should follow in.

“In places we should have what Rotorua has, which is a little disk, and you can park for a limited amount of time for free, I think that could be useful clearing up the traffic.

“I also think there should be more bike racks.”

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Here's a strategy.

Posted on 25-05-2019 16:07 | By morepork

Park wherever you want in a designated parking spot. DON’T feed the meter. You are now incurring a risk that you could be fined. BUT, that risk is actually MUCH LESS than you have been conditioned to think. If you visit the CBD twice a week, you could easily park for free for a year before you are nailed. (OR, it could be the very first time...the Randomity of the Universe is a subject for a different post...)So, you paid $40 for a year’s parking... But what if it was 2 years, or even 3? I don’t often shop in the CBD but parking costs are not the reason...

Time to change the mentality

Posted on 23-05-2019 11:54 | By waxing

It really is time people in Tauranga changed their mentality from expecting to be able to park in front of or near the shop / restaurant they want to go to. I have NEVER had a problem getting a park, on the street or in a parking building. I may have had to walk, but it’s only a small area so I don’t have to walk far. If I’ve wanted electronics, I’ve always found a free park in Noel Leemings. Otherwise the cost of parking is remarkably cheap. Try getting a park in Auckland, Hamilton or Wellington and then see how much you have to pay for it. People here really have to stop whinging all the time.

SO, I am going shopping for -

Posted on 22-05-2019 22:28 | By The Caveman

A new microwave oven, a couple of new pillows for my bed,, OH and for a new 32" TV for the bedroom. HOW do I get it all home on a BIKE, or even a BUS - NOT going to happen. AND, I ain’t going to be shopping in the Tga CDB with the current CRAP parking situation. Looks like the Crossing, Bayfair, Papamoa, and the other "residential" shopping centres are all go with FREE parking - as for the Tga CDB - I would HATE to be a landlord in the CDB!!! (and yes I am a "commercial" landlord in Tauranga !!)

Tom Ranger

Posted on 22-05-2019 15:19 | By Tom Ranger

I am not using busses or bikes to shop. How much do you think one person can carry? Lucky I motorbike around a lot because the traffic congestion caused by the TCC roading layout decisions are horrendous and leaning towards an attempt at forcing people to just give up and use buses just to be stuck in the same traffic anyway. Train the young to use 50cc scooters not the mum/dad taxi. This will increase safety as more people will be aware of motorcyclists as well as reduce congestion. Allow all bus lanes to be used by motorcyclists.

Funny ABout The Thoughts

Posted on 21-05-2019 16:31 | By tabatha

Buses are not the full answer to the problem. Tauranga being peninsula makes for a change over of buses and the time taken to get to destination and home can be lengthy. From where we live if we use a bus to go CBD it takes about 30 minutes and of course the same on return. One hour gone . Take the car 10 minutes in and the same out. Time to think about time management.

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