Father and daughter calling for wider cycle lanes

Otumoetai Intermediate student Samirah who set up the petition with her dad. Image: Daniel Hines.

A petition has been set up on change.org by a Tauranga father and daughter for wider bike lanes, less car parks and more bus routes.

The petition was started by Tristan Hancock and his daughter Samirah Hancock, after witnessing a crash between a car and a cyclist on their drive to school.

Tristan says his daughter was initially in shock.

“As we were driving along she was looking out the window and she was like ‘this is so dangerous’.”

What she was referring to as dangerous was the school drop-off.

“There’s hundreds of cars all kind of crammed in there and little bikes trying to get through,” says Tristan.

“The actual cycle lanes are about the length of the car door to open. So if anyone opens a car door it potentially can smack into a kid, plus they’re constantly having to be on the actual road itself.

“And so she got really angry and I said what do you want to do and she said I don’t want this to ever happen again.

“I’m just trying to let people know how bad it is,” says Tristan.

One of the things that Samirah and Tristan are suggesting is a space that is safe for cyclists and pedestrians.

“And trying to figure out ways that we can get more cars off the road, whether it be a bus service. A lot of kids don’t go to school by bike because it’s not safe. So it’s a kind of a chicken and egg scenario.”

Tristan says his children attending two different intermediate schools, with one attending Tauranga intermediate while Samirah attends Otumoetai Intermediate.

“This year Tauranga Intermediate introduced a Welcome Bay bus, and the effect of that is it’s a bit like being in a ghost town now.

“I don’t usually pick him up but on the one or two times I’ve gone there, I’ve said ‘hey this is significantly different from last year, what’s the difference?’ and it’s the Welcome Bay bus system that they’ve put into place.

“I think it’s a good thing. The less cars that are at the pick-up and drop-off times, the safer it is for the kids on bikes.”

 Tristan says alongside signing the petition, he is encouraging people to write letters to the councillors as he says this discussion is a Tauranga wide discussion.

“The same problems are happening around a lot of other schools and I have been getting lots of feedback from people that they see the same things happening,” says Tristan.

“I think it’s the solution is what matters. For me one of the things which I would say is non-negotiable is that our children should be safe when they’re going to school.

“They shouldn’t be at risk of being hit by a car, and we do that by having a better bus service and we do it by having better access for bikes,” says Tristan.

The petition will be presented to the Tauranga City Council once it has garnered enough signatures.

To sign the petition, click here:

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It won't work.

Posted on 24-05-2019 11:45 | By TheCameltoeKid

I live in Whakamarama and work at the Mount so according to this lot I have to ride a bike to work and home again. I work irregular hours so a bus is out of the question. The only option is my car. Not everybody can conform to the lifestyle that you want to enforce on the rest of us!

Greerton Boy

Posted on 24-05-2019 07:44 | By Mein Fuhrer

I think you need to re read Helios’s comment slowly and grammatically.

Wake up to yourself helios

Posted on 23-05-2019 20:36 | By GreertonBoy

How does one take their partner and 3 kids to school on a bicycle? How does one get their grocery shopping home on a bicycle? How are disabled people expected ride a bicycle? How can someone who lives in Oropi and works at the Mount be expected to commute on a bicycle? Not everyone CAN ride a bicycle and they shouldn’t be forced to try to learn and then be made to ride on the road, which is a dangerous environment, whether on foot, bicycle. If you are young and fit enough to ride a bicycle as your primary mode of transport, go ahead.... I’ll stick with my car thanks.... and by the way, not everyone lives in cities

minority man ?

Posted on 23-05-2019 20:28 | By Delboy

its funny how the minority get to rule over the majority . they have got to realize motorists are paying to use the roads,how many bikes pay fuel tax and rego?


Posted on 23-05-2019 16:29 | By Helios

It’s time to come to our senses about the cycles and the push to make them the primary mode of transport. Many of the cities in the early days had trams and cars and of course cycles without the special dedicated paths currently provided. We, in our youth days negotiated all these obstacles with consideration. Cyclists today seem to think the roads are for them only and indeed try to make it compulsory for everybody.


Posted on 23-05-2019 13:17 | By Told you

A different strategy should be adopted towards traffic in this city,the pandering to cyclists must cease and the roads rightfully returned to the motorists, it is very obvious that biking and cars don’t mix ,the danger to the former is a too greater risk to allow this to continue.

Safer y Sensible

Posted on 23-05-2019 12:42 | By Gaz

Footpath use for youths on bicycles is more safer, and more practical re road use of space, given number of cars versus bicycles.

Help needed

Posted on 23-05-2019 08:23 | By Angels

Children under 16 should be allowed to bike on the sidewalks, but given instructions about dealing with pedestrians. More cycle area will only put greater stain on driving lanes. Traffic in Nz is diabolical as it is. We cater to bikes first and cars second already, yet almost never see a bike on the roads


Posted on 23-05-2019 07:10 | By Mein Fuhrer

the easiest solution would be to widen the current footpaths to accommodate a wider cycle lane by using up the vacant grass verges along the roadside. The roads could then be returned to their former width before the cycle lane epidemic began a few years back, maybe there could be enough room to widen some parts of the roads to 2 lanes therefore relieving some of the council sponsored traffic congestion in this rapidly growing city. This would result in significantly less cycle vs motor vehicle incidents.

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