Resealing hot-mix streets with chip-seal

An example of a hot-mix road resealed with chip-seal. Image: Google Maps.

Tauranga City Council is to consider ending its policy of resealing hot-mix surfaced roads in subdivisions with chip-seal.

At Monday’s Projects, Services and Operations Committee meeting, councillor Steve Morris moved that Council reconsider its policy to resurface subdivision roads with chip-seal which was approved at that time as a cost saving measure.

The existing policy was adopted in 2012.

Residents of two subdivisions in Papamoa presented petitions to Council today; showing their dissatisfaction that their streets are being downgraded from smooth and quiet hot-mix to rough and louder chip-seal.

“I was chair of the Papamoa Progressive Association in 2012 and I recall the decision of the Council back then was because NZTA removed the 50 per cent subsidy for resurfacing subdivisions in hot-mix and financial pressure due to the global financial crisis,” says Steve,

“However, hot-mix seal lasts longer than chip-seal so the whole-of-life costs needed to be considered.”

The budget for reseals is 1.5 per cent of Council’s annual capital budget of $200m.

“It’s time we asked our community again whether it’s acceptable that the city’s streets are effectively being downgraded,” says Steve.

A report will be brought to Council before next year’s budget that will present the financial impact of any change in the policy for the community to consider.




Posted on 07-08-2019 17:40 | By Slim Shady

Stop putting in unnecessary roundabouts everywhere at $335k a pop and you might have enough to do a proper job. Sorry, I’ll explain for the benefit of TCC wallies, “proper job” = doing it correctly at the first time of asking.

A Question You Need To Ask

Posted on 07-08-2019 08:24 | By Yadick

You need to ask the community if it’s acceptable to downgrade our streets, to make them noisier, to give them less life . . . REALLY??? What will it cost to ask that question? How many committees will look into it, how many meetings will be held to discuss this and how many reports produced to discover the answer. REALLY??? Roll on the election.


Posted on 07-08-2019 08:07 | By WestieMum

I think main access roads should at least be smooth seal - the loose chip takes ages to disappear, and makes the road edges dicey for cyclists. Take for instance the abysmal attempt at resurfacing Welcome Bay Road between Waitaha and James Cook.... rough as guts finish, the only positive was the fixing of a big pothole that we’d been dodging for a couple of years.... That section is certainly now "downgraded"!

Poor Choices

Posted on 07-08-2019 07:48 | By Chookymac

Another decision made with lack of knowledge.Dumbos I ask you?So hopefully we will not have to be sweeping up excess stones off our drive ways in the future

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