Changes to Matapihi Road for motorists

Interim measures are in place on Mataphi Road. Image: supplied.

There are temporary changes to the road layout for Matapihi Road and Owens Place for motorists approaching the Bayfair roundabout, as part of the Bay Link project.

The NZ Transport Authority says if you're approaching the Bayfair roundabout from Matapihi Road you will split to the left near Golf 360.

If you're approaching the Bayfair roundabout from Owens Place you will go straight ahead, as opposed to turning right to approach the roundabout. Give way rules still apply.

Temporary diversions remain in place for pedestrians and cyclists in this area.

The speed limit of 30kmp/h is still in place.

More information about the Bay Link project can be found here.

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Posted on 10-09-2019 16:48 | By davidt5

On looking at the map it makes one wonder why the underpass needs to be destroyed. It appears to be well out of the way of any major parts of the footings of the underpass.

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