Future of 11 Mission St subject to endorsement

The site in question.

Tauranga City Council has voted for 11 Mission St to be gifted to Otamataha Trust, subject to an endorsement from the Elms Foundation.

At a council meeting this afternoon, council considered the proposal to gift 11 Mission Street to the Otamataha Trust, subject to a lease to the Elms Foundation.

"Council voted against this recommendation and against a recommendation to gift 11 Mission St to the Elms Foundation," says a communications spokesperson.

"A new recommendation was carried, six to five, that the land be gifted to the Otamataha Trust, subject to an endorsement from the Elms Foundation.

"If the Foundation does endorse gifting of the land to the Trust, the Trust would then lease 11 Mission St back to the Elms.

"If they do not endorse the gifting of the land to the Trust the decision around ownership would come back to the newly elected Council for their consideration."

The Elms site is a historically and culturally significant site, which attracts local and national and international visitors, says a Tauranga Council communications spokesperson.

“The Elms Foundation are seeking certainty as to their future interest in the property to enable development which complements the existing facilities, but does not compromise their heritage status.

“The Otamataha Trust represent mana whenua, and facilitating their involvement in the future of the Property enables them to reconnect with the whenua –land - and promotes a sense of belonging and inclusion, whilst recognising Tauranga’s heritage and cultural diversity.”

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All must go!

Posted on 11-09-2019 11:02 | By dolofry

Yesterday was a display of the lack of leadership qualities in these councillors. Too scared to make a decision in case they may upset voters. As usual there was a split decision. These so called city leaders have set our city back twenty years!

Mission Street

Posted on 11-09-2019 04:25 | By surfsup

With so much misinformation being banded around by various concerns surely this should have been left to the incoming council to decide.

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