E-Fleets could solve Tauranga traffic woes

One of the newest vehicles in the e-fleet. Supplied image.

As traffic congestion in Tauranga continues to cause frustration for motorists, a shared-office space hopes its shared e-bikes, scooters and electric cars for use by members could be replicated to ease congestion across the city.  

The Kollective - TK, New Zealand’s largest co-working space, has purchased two e-bikes, two e-scooters and has an electric car that its members can use throughout the day to reduce congestion on our roads.  

The service allows members to be mobile throughout the working day without the need for large numbers of pool vehicles or private cars which can mostly sit idle during the work day.  

“The ideal scenario is that members can leave their own car at home and elect to bus, bike, walk or motor scooter,” says The Kollective general manager, Gordy Lockhart.

“Requirements for daily transport around town can then be taken care of sustainably by using of one of the electric commuter options.

“Especially now as warmer weather seems just around the corner.

“We hope large organisations could replicate this model to substantially reduce congestion on our roads by sharing the resources that are already present.”

Liz Davies, general manager of SociaLink, a social services umbrella organisation, says transport costs can be a major issue for charitable groups with employees sometimes sustaining the costs themselves.

“TK’s efleet can reduce costs to organisations and individuals alike while cross fingers easing congestion too.” 

“It’s a pleasure to be able to support The Kollective,” says Mike Farmer from Farmer Autovillage.

“Their innovative approach to business and business platforms is also what excites us here at Farmer Autovillage.”

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