Cooling off period

First, the climate is changing, it always has.


The Sun which makes up 99.86 per cent of our solar system mass and is 1.2 million times larger than Earth, has regular 11 year solar cycles (SC) from solar minimum to solar maximum.


Earth is currently still in SC 24. NASA is now warning that SC 25, 26, 27 right out to 2055 will be a solar-driven cold period as the Sun's total solar irradiance (TSI) is reduced as the Sun enters the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum - a 400 year cycle equal to the Maunder Minimum - commonly referred to as "The Little Ice Age" of 1615 to 1730.


Earth is now experiencing the initial stages of intensification, as the Sun’s output reduces, the Magnetosphere wanes and galactic cosmic rays play havoc with Earth’s jet streams causing them to move from zonal (normal) to meridional (vertical). The Northern hemisphere will fare much worse than the Southern, mainly due to the tilt of the Earth, the Northern winter this year will be extreme, with sites like reporting extreme cold weather events, unreported by our MSM who only report heat. Cold weather crop losses are mounting and information is being withheld.


Rob Colmore, Oropi

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