Safer speed limits proposed for SH2

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The New Zealand Transport Agency is reviewing speed limits along State Highway 2, between Katikati and Tauranga, in an effort to save lives and prevent serious injuries from crashes along this high-risk road.

“We are proposing lower speed limits to make the road safer for everyone who uses it," says Acting Director of Regional Relationships Ross I’Anson.

“In the 10 years, from 2009 to 2018, 27 people lost their lives and 77 were seriously injured in crashes on this section of SH2, causing immeasurable grief and suffering for families and communities.”

There are more vehicles, including heavy vehicles, using this section of SH2 than ever before and it’s catering to a wide range of competing travel needs including cyclists and school children.

In addition, crashes on this route can cause extensive delays and long detours if there are road closures.

“We’re currently making SH2 between Waihi and Omokoroa safer by improving intersections and installing roadside safety barriers, widening the road shoulder and putting in a wide centreline. These safety improvements are already well underway and, together with the right speed limit, will make SH2 safer for everyone.

“The evidence is overwhelming that lower speeds reduce the frequency and severity of crashes,” says Ross.

“Our analysis has shown that the current 100km/h and 90km/h speed limits on SH2 are not safe and appropriate for the road. The evidence also shows that average travel speeds on the road are already well below the current speed limits.”

The Transport Agency is now formally asking for feedback from stakeholders and the public about proposals to change the speed limits along SH2, between Katikati and Tauranga.

“This feedback will be considered by the Transport Agency before it makes decisions on these proposed speed limit changes. The consultation period provides a month to give feedback on the proposed changes."

The formal consultation period runs from October 21 to November 18.

What NZTA is proposing:

The proposed speed limit changes are:

  •   •  Lower the open road speed limit between Katikati and Bethlehem from the current mix of 100/90km/h to 80km/h

  •   •  Lower the Pahoia School variable speed zone from 70km/h to 60km/h

  •   •  Lower the speed limit through the Te Puna township from 80km/h to 60km/h

  •   •  Extend the 50km/h speed limit at Bethlehem to be 135m west of Te Puna Station Road.

How can I have my say?

You can make a submission on the proposed changes by:

Feedback closes 5pm on Monday, November 18.

Links to more information about speed management and the Safe Network Programme:

Plan ahead for a safe, enjoyable journey this summer. Keep up to date with:

· Traffic updates:

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Great news

Posted on 24-10-2019 14:34 | By Maureen M M

It is hard to get out of side roads and very dangerous at times. This seems like a simple fix that will work while they get other things sorted. Life is more important than a few less minutes of car time. Everyone is moaning about the road and they have found the start of a solution. Now people don’t want it? It doesn’t matter what caused the crash, the faster you go the bigger the mess. if this means my family will get home safe, I am in.

drivers in control

Posted on 22-10-2019 10:54 | By hapukafin

Yadick,agree with you that cars coming out of side roads have difficulties,when they get onto SH2 they need to accelerate max to get up to speed so not to cause backup of traffic.I have also experoienced many occassion of tractors holding traffic for many Ks.One question that no one is wanting to answer is how many drivers who crosses centreline or are in single car accidents having been on loonie juice and their brain not in control of their driving.

Take Your Fingers Out

Posted on 22-10-2019 09:36 | By Yadick

Of your ears Labour. The road needs fixing. There are some very dangerous almost blind or deceptive intersections. People are putting up DIY signs that add to the distraction and the bl**Dy idiots that wrecklessly speed through there. I traveled to Auckland 3x last week going that way - not a single Police Car. They could’ve payed a Policemans annual salary with the speeding idiots. Some of the speeds and risks taken we’re incredibly stupid and wreckless. Why is this road not being heavily policed. On Sunday I traveled to Omokoroa and a large tractor had us in an enormous queue all driving around 30kmh. There was plenty of spaces as a tractor he could’ve courteously pulled over but in arrogance he just didn’t care. Reducing the speed doesn’t cure stupidity, arrogance and self-centredness.

2 hour trip

Posted on 22-10-2019 08:41 | By hapukafin

Tga to Akl was once a 2 hour trip from Post office to PO.I have driven it for 30 years and have spoken other drivers who have driven it for 50 year totally accident free.Why?We are responsible drivers,a lifetime of accident free driving.Once a 2 hour trip for this distant,now Im not sure but it takes me on average 2hrs20min to get to Manukau.Business and trade people are suffering for it.To slow this stretch of road down further would cause more frustration and more risks taken when overtaking.There use to be more passing lanes as well.What we have now limits passing opportunities and on top of it slow driver speed up at passing lanes making the manouver impossible.Train drivers properly and tougher license test is required.

infrastructure failure

Posted on 22-10-2019 07:51 | By 2up

This stretch of road is a total failure. Whaka and Omokoroa intersections are both a total disgrace. Every day you can observe near misses as drivers struggle to get a clear vision of on coming traffic when trying to enter or exit SH2.

Great idea

Posted on 21-10-2019 17:51 | By Potofstu

I firmly believe in reducing the speed limit from omokoroa to waihi rd double lanes.and I would remove the passing lane from omokoroa to Whakamarama makes people chase a Perceived gap and causes a dangerous section at plumbers pt rd .and a couple of roundabouts wouldn’t go astray ( omokoroa and plumbers point would be helpful.i have driven Katikati to tga for the last 14years and now i hold my breath and sigh with relief getting through each day

Speed limits .

Posted on 21-10-2019 17:48 | By OAP

Next they will want some one walking in front of each car with a red flag !! Lowering speed limits will reduce the injury level, but it won’t reduce the number of idiots on our roads who cause the accidents .These people will just continue speeding as before .


Posted on 21-10-2019 17:35 | By Thinker

Total wasted effort. Very rarely able to get up to 80ks . Cheapskate ambulance at cliff bottom. Traffic numbers on this road increasing daily and obvious solution put on ice. Winston also promised KK bvpass???????

learn to drive

Posted on 21-10-2019 17:20 | By hapukafin

This was a !00k road for most of the way when drivers knew how to stay on their side of the road and drive to the conditions.How many of these accidents were one car accidents and how many two car accidents,I can recal a few medical conditions deaths too.Speed isnt going to reduce these road deaths if the drivers involved cannot stay on their side of the road.Spend the money on educating idiots on the road to save innocent drivers lives.


Posted on 21-10-2019 16:48 | By The Professor

This proposal probably does not look at the statistics correctly as such there are holes!! The rate of accidents has actually reduced substantially over the past 10 years. It appears to me that the number of accidents versus number of all vehicles on the roads or journeys travelled has not been taken into account. It looks like there has been a calculation in the most simplest of terms made to back the proposal i.e. the number of accidents has increased. Well durr, of course they have increased, there are thousands more vehicles on our roads compared with 10 years ago!!! Simple!!! It appears there is NO justification in reducing the speed limit and making long distance journeys longer. You can bet the price of food and deliveries will go up to account for the extra time truckies spend on the road. Hope you’ll be happy then!!

What a joke!!

Posted on 21-10-2019 16:43 | By The Professor

Apart from the fact that this is an elastoplast solution, proposing 80 for most of this stretch of road is simply ludicrous, given that it is the main rout to Auckland. Journey times to Auckland are getting longer and longer. I don’t know how many times it needs to be said, it’s the moron drivers at fault NOT the road. As it is we have people doing 80 through a 100 zone and 70 through a 90 zone......this will undoubtedly mean we will have drivers doing 60 when the road is turned into an 80 zone. The road will become more dangerous as frustrated drives take unnecessary risks in overtaking slow drivers. WE need to provide feedback to make sure the limit is not dropped. Reducing the limit is NOT the answer. Build us a better road i.e. the Northern Link!!!

Fix the road

Posted on 21-10-2019 16:36 | By arse

Fix the road would make more sense

Fix the road

Posted on 21-10-2019 16:17 | By First Responder

Sounds like a Labour party band-aid approach. If a fatal accident has a social cost of $5.07 million, and a serious injury is $0.55 million, thats $136 million over ten years. About time some government actually made a long term plan, and got on with the job. Speed limits are only for law abiding citizens, and are typically ignored by the maniac thats been held up for 20 minutes by slow moving trucks, and with the population growth and development in Omokaroa, come on. Fix the bloody road.

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