The right mix of penalties

I thank J. Stewart, Papamoa, who posted a letter in the Weekend Sun, November 1, for me to further elaborate on the consequences needed for bad behaviour in a free and liberal society.

When you have bottle stores on just about every corner in New Zealand; when this country is seriously looking at legalising drugs for recreational use; when there are minimal sentences for murder; when there are thousands of wives, partners and kids being bashed to within an inch of their lives each night; when you have a Government intent on decreasing jail numbers, and then you look at all the good effort that is put in to try and get things right our mix of penalties are clearly not working.

I believe in less jail time and more rehabilitation but it has got to be coupled with corporal punishment, the silver bullet that is missing… and no J. Stewart, I would not apply as official public caner, but I would offer to be caned (up to four strokes) if it assisted in such a law being passed.

D Morris, Tauranga.

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