Mauao Base Track

The stupidity of man is so great it is out of this world. $5.2 million to fix a track that only about five people a year will use, if that.

Do you really think that hundreds of handicapped people wish to get pushed up Mauao to see the view?

When it comes to ‘for the good of the community’ does it not count in this world?

$5.2 million is ridiculous for this. Stop spending on stupid, stupid, things. Electric buses are not good. The cost to the environment to make these buses is huge. The batteries are not recyclable. They are worthless. There is an environmental hazard here as well. At the end of 12 years you have a huge cost to replace them. The bus itself is now worth nothing as the batteries cost more than a new bus does. If you compare this to a diesel bus (which by the way is very environment friendly as they burn almost any fuel, contrary to what people say), they will last as long as they are maintained (20 -30 years perhaps, or more)? Do you really think that this is cheaper in the long run than electric buses? Common sense, where have you gone?

T Johnson, Tauranga.

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