On the same wavelength

It is heartening to see at last we have a councillor who can clearly express a straight-forward and carefully thought out strategy as Andrew Hollis has put forward.

His degree in Earth Sciences and background working overseas in mining and in analysis and process design is a huge asset for the tasks ahead that this council is now faced with.
I hope the mayor and CEO will acknowledge Andrew's expertise in these fields, will work with him constructively as a team, so we the ratepayers going forward can have confidence in our new council. Through consistent mistakes this was sadly lacking in the old council.
Last year, when flying to South America, I was lucky enough to sit with Professor Ernesto Villaescusa, Technology Leader and Deep Mining expert from Queensland University. We discussed many environmental issues and climate change, surprisingly he said: "Whatever small contribution humans make regarding pollution of the atmosphere, one huge prolonged eruption from a volcano could wipe out many of the carbon emissions saved by us.”

I wonder if Andrew and he are on the same wavelength?

M Hills, Hairini.

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Elected councilor

Posted on 15-11-2019 18:40 | By crazyhorse

Unlike Buddy, who lost by "thousands" of votes but who spends as much time as Andrew in council and has far more of a profile in media, hmm, and he still lost, is Buddy what maori really want?

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