Students to turn Tauranga streets orange

A previous Orange Day Parade. File images SunLive.

This Friday, Tauranga’s streets will be awash with orange as students walk to encourage road safety and active travel.

More than 700 students from Tauranga and Western Bay primary and intermediate schools will dress in orange, and carry banners to promote the cause.

The Orange Day Parade starts at the Te Awanui waka near The Strand at 9.15am with the official opening address by Tauranga deputy mayor Larry Baldock.  

At 9.35am they will parade with banners that they have specially designed in their schools.

Now in its 12th year, the parade acknowledges students who have been working throughout the year to promote road safety and active travel within their school communities, says a Tauranga City Council spokesperson.

Retailers, friends and family are encouraged to show their support by assembling along the route by 9.30am.

Travel Safe in partnership with New Zealand Police and attending dignitaries will award trophies for the best banners at the Edgewater Fan on the waterfront at the end of the parade.

Temporary road closures will be in place as students make their way through inner-city streets.

The affected streets include, Willow Street, Grey Street, Elizabeth Street, Devonport Road and The Strand.

The Strand waterfront car park will be closed until 11am so people need to make alternative arrangements for parking on Friday, 29 November.


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not really Fuhrer

Posted on 25-11-2019 21:00 | By This Guy

Actually common sense would say the cycle lane should have a set place along the road and should have a small medium to separate it from the cars. Making cyclists use the footpath is safer for cyclists but not so much for the pedestrians.


Posted on 25-11-2019 17:42 | By Slim Shady

How does clogging up the streets and delaying people going about their business encourage road safety? What a pointless exercise.

If the authorities were really serious

Posted on 25-11-2019 13:21 | By Mein Fuhrer

about road safety, they would move the cycle lanes off of the roadside and combine it with the footpath, logical common sense really, but common sense is devoid of all government policy

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