Jan Tinetti announces breast cancer diagnosis

Former Merivale Primary School principal and Labour list MP Jan Tinetti. File photo/SunLive.

Tauranga's Labour list MP Jan Tinetti has just announced she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

In a post on Facebook this evening, Jan says she has spent the past few days at Grace Hospital.

"A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer after a regular mammogram showed irregular calcifications.

"After a couple of biopsies, I was told the diagnosis and the best option was to operate," she says in the post.

"It’s been a tough couple of months as I’ve had to cancel out of a number of appointments and for that I apologise.

"I’ve tried to keep my commitments where I have been able to. Jacinda Ardern and my colleagues have been incredibly supportive.

"Today I head home and I am taking a few weeks to rest and recuperate.

"Thanks to my medical team who have been amazing.

"Thanks to everyone for your love and support and your understanding that I need to take the next few weeks to regain my full health again."

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Hey Jan

Posted on 29-11-2019 20:05 | By Bruja

Just wishing you the VERY BEST for your recovery and EVERY BLESSING from thereon. You are BRILLIANT! ....and so very very caring! Bless you. xoxo

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