Man who admitted assault charges avoids conviction

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A man who assaulted two teenage boys at a Young Labour summer camp has been discharged without conviction.

Judge Russell Collins refused to grant the 21-year-old permanent name suppression, but his identity will remain a secret for now as his lawyer Emma Priest indicated she would appeal the decision.

The man put his hand down two boys' pants and grabbed their genitals during a party at the camp near Waihi in February last year.

The man stood trial at Auckland District Court in September after pleading not guilty to five charges of indecent assault in relation to four teenagers - two boys and two girls.

In a surprise move, he pleaded guilty to two amended summary charges of common assault in relation to the two boys on the third day of his trial.

The three other charges were dropped or dismissed.

At sentencing, Judge Collins said the gravity of offending was low and what he did was not for any sexual gratification.

He said the behaviour was born out of drunken stupidity.

Judge Collins discharged him without conviction.

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WHAT THE . . .

Posted on 28-11-2019 20:06 | By Yadick

So drunken sexual abuse is ok . . . ? Really??? What sort of presidency is being set here. I know we only see what media want us to see as news but this, this is appalling. I can only assume from this that this Judge, enforcing our laws with responsibility, would allow drunk drivers to get off, drunken murdered to walk free, drunken violent assault to be unpunishable . . . I am gob smacked. No consequences for actions.

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