Council proposes rates rise

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council is asking ratepayers across the region to pay more as it reduces its reliance on targeted rates to pay for community-specific projects.

The council is proposing to increase its general rates by 12 per cent next year and by 8.5 per cent in the two following years.

This rates rise programme is the policy included in the council’s draft Ten Year Plan 2012-2022 that is due for public consultation this month.

The rates take is to pay for council projects and works and in the next year the council is planning for these to cost $112million.

In the second year these are planned to cost $107million and in the third year of the proposed rates increase scheme the council’s projects and works are forecast to cost $113million.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Chairman John Cronin says councillors have tried to be realistic in their planning that brings about the general rates increase.

“We’ve done a lot of work to try and keep the amount of money we’re asking you to contribute to what we believe is necessary, given legislative requirements and the community’s expectations on us to take action.”

He says much of the work is unavoidable.

“The region has historical environmental issues that require action, including Kopeopeo Canal, which is a contaminated site, Rotorua Lakes and Tauranga Harbour.

“Some of this work is triggered by central government funding contributions being available now.

“While this work is expensive, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to get it done, however, we need to know what you think.”

Public submissions open from Tuesday, March 27 with copies of the draft Ten Year Plan, and information about how to make a submission, available at from that date.

Depending on where a person lives, the general rates increase amounts to a rise of between $7 and $29 for the first affected year, between $10 and $13 for the second affected year, and between $11 and $14 for the third affected year.

A motivating factor for these increases is the council’s aim to collect a lower proportion of revenue through targeted rates.

Instead the council wishes to spread its total costs across revenues gathered from all ratepayers, even when the money is spent in programmes targeted at specific communities.

A Tauranga ratepayer is therefore being asked to contribute more towards projects in the central and eastern areas of the Bay of Plenty.

Such projects include Rotorua Lakes clean-up work, regional passenger transport and Rotorua air quality works.

General rates by area based on average land value 




Average land value


Total general rates


Weekly cost


Increase on last year*




Average land value


Total general rates


Weekly cost


Increase on last year*




Average land value


Total general rates


Weekly cost


Increase on last year*




Average land value


Total general rates


Weekly cost


Increase on last year*




Average land value


Total general rates


Weekly cost


Increase on last year*


Western Bay


Average land value


Total general rates


Weekly cost


Increase on last year*


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Pathetic Council.

Posted on 20-03-2012 22:57 | By Garret

It’s time to get rid of all the members of council - every one of them. They are not at all productive, they waste our money, they try to milk us dry, and they are pathetic and useless. We need new blood with vision, a sense of reality, and who have us "normal" Taurangans at heart. Time for action, or our town will become either a slum, or derelict because everyone will start moving out to other towns - I’m starting to think about moving, as much as I love Tauranga, because I can’t afford to live here anymore.


Posted on 20-03-2012 18:48 | By Helena

It’s about time the public of Tauranga stood up to be counted in their opposition to council spending. This council is guilty of empire building, jobs for the boys and is certainly not in sync with public opinion. Who needs museums, art galleries and millions spent on stupid safety crossings and resealing of roads that are perfectly ok. Also council workers who appear to be earning wages by spending time being "at work" than actually working - jobs for the whanau. Tauranga Council make the most of your time in power, it is certainly limited!!!


Posted on 20-03-2012 15:09 | By kapa

Pretty soon we will become a tent city, what else can we afford?? Talk about trying to get blood out of a stone. Get rid of this Council everybody, please vote them out, and make sure that some real people run to replace them. Why do we need so many of the bludgers anyway? I agree about the profits of the Port, where is the general public’s share? In oil rich countries, they get free housing and education.


Posted on 20-03-2012 14:32 | By Jitter

Is Chairman Cronin and his cronies getting in before this new legislation becomes law. What a pack of idiots. They should be trying to keep the rate increase to an absolute minimum when so many people are struggling to buy food for the table. But they don’t care on their big salaries. They might change their tune if the were dumped by the people paying their salaries. Not a sensible thinker amongst them. Again they think ratepayers wallets are bottomless and the suckers will keep on paying. What do they do with that massive dividend from the Port of Tauranga ? Let’s have a rates revolt !!!

Basic Economics lesson

Posted on 20-03-2012 14:13 | By lpm67

You have a set income... you buget to fit within that income. I work hard for my money and have to live within my means, if I want to spend more I cant just demand more money for income, I have to be fiscally responsible and live within my means. Time to remind the council of their responsibility under the Local Government Act!!!!! Attention councillors...get a copy and read it or there is the possibility of lawsuits!!!! Or we could declare a no confidence council and petition the govt to put in overseers!!!!

Dont be fooled

Posted on 20-03-2012 13:40 | By rastus

I note the comment by some that they think the Government is serious about the way in which our councils are operating - believe me it is just a smoke screen - trying to fool you that they have a desire to reign in council spending - if that were the case then they would pass laws to control the councils - this is not, and will not happen - all they want to do now is amalgamate councils and this process will continue until we have a Bay of plenty Council and then more amalgamation until we have a North Island Council along with a South Island council and eventually in about 25 years just one government run council - have a look at the UNs ’Agenda 21’ and wake up to what is really happening right under your noses - obviously you cannot continue with rate increases as proposed - something has to give - at that time the Government will tell you that they will have to take control since the councils are out of control - hey this is not rocket science it is a carefully orchestrated UN plan - don’t believe me - go on the web and sus it out for yourself.

Why paying through the nose?

Posted on 20-03-2012 13:32 | By SpeakUp

Because we have to feed a brigade of USELESS know-it-all sociopaths who need a job and who think the community needs them and their ‘management’. It’s a self-propelled machine of autocratic bureaucracy. These parasites of public funds help themselves and their pet projects to precious rate monies and if they fail (many of them have failed before in private enterprise), hey, they extort the ratepayer to bail them out. Now you might think Minister for local govt Nick Smith is defending your hard-earned money from the pickpocketing fingers of the local extortionists. Ha! I guess he’s just worried that the peasants will be able to survive in order to be able to pay Central Government its share first. After all, each NZer is indebted by Central Government spending by $ 35000.- -A Nation Of Sheep Will Be Governed By Wolves- Edward E. Murrow-

Say NO!

Posted on 20-03-2012 12:42 | By Persephone

The time is long past for revolt. Every year since who knows when, rates increases have outstripped inflation. Many people are now finding their rates bill to be unaffordable, yet council (TCC and WBOPDC are no different) seem to think they can just keep demanding more. Roll on the next elections. With any luck, the whole lot of them will get tossed out.

nail on the head...

Posted on 20-03-2012 12:16 | By Donnaw

We all need to start making a stand and stop this rubbish, the govt wonders why so many people leave NZ for Australia....its have a chance to get ahead! We need to all make a stand and stop this stuff happening, stop the end of the day, if we all did it...what could they really do. Its the same with petrol prices, we live next to a major port and yet we pay more than Rotorua for petrol, it has to be trucked over to Rotorua but its still cheaper???...just doesnt make sense to me....boycot the lot i say!

Out of Touch...and Out to Lunch!

Posted on 20-03-2012 12:00 | By h0wdy

If a Council ever wanted to immediately shoot themselves in the foot with recent central Government announcements these Guys take the Cake! Lets abolish this out of touch Regional Council, divvy their Port of Tauranga shares based on populace to each BOP local Council and they can then work out how to best spend the dividends....hopefully retiring debt (also one less costly bureaucratic structure gone!). Then do the logical City/District Council amalgamations once the reforms are through and it is more possible after the voice of the constituents has been heard.


Posted on 20-03-2012 09:05 | By

yes classic case of they will be cause they can and most of them are uneducated idiots. Rates here used to include water and rubbish and a building permit was cap and xlease was $1500 not $20,000 like it is now. Why dont we all just stop paying the bastards


Posted on 20-03-2012 08:23 | By bennyj

I think its time to axe the projects, if government is cutting back funding then TCC should be cutting back too, I am struggling to aford my rates which is much higher than auckland with far less services. In Auckland I had my rubbish collected on a weekly basis as the service was included in my rates. Disgusted with TCC they are not in touch with the general public.

So Far and No further

Posted on 19-03-2012 21:56 | By Watchdog

It is time to stop the increases. Note at the end of that sentence was a FULL STOP!

Posted on 19-03-2012 19:55 | By charob

theives alright. i paid my rates on time but because the computer or human computer inputed my valuation number the payment didnt go into my account. they were so quick a couplew of days later i got a $99 penatly fee. i promply rang them and they said they found the amount in some account.......... they reversed the penalty fee. well up goes the rent of my tennants. certainly snowballs

They Have Listened or Read Government Proposals!

Posted on 19-03-2012 17:52 | By tabatha

Announced today by 2013 local body elections a restriction will be in place that they can not put rates. Quote from Nick Smith "Local Government Minister Nick Smith says council spending increases will be restricted to the rate of inflation and population growth." This will be great news in the Western Bay for TCC Ratepayers as well as for this hike.

Just tell them

Posted on 19-03-2012 17:50 | By Jack the Lad

to get stuffed, if a merry band of land owners got together, and said we are not going to give you any more. What would they do??, but keep sending you demands, there is power in mass of digruntled people, so T.C.C look for your funding funding internally, and start your cost saving and intelligent decision making NOW.

Rate increase

Posted on 19-03-2012 17:46 | By tia

This is another good reason to get rid of this level of local government. Emotion says they have over-the-top pay inceases but this is a falicy. Cut your cloth to fit the scene Councillors. 30% over three years is not acceptable.

More thieves

Posted on 19-03-2012 17:33 | By rmwebber

And I thought we had morons in charge here in New Plymouth !

Last figure...

Posted on 19-03-2012 16:40 | By wreck1080

At this pace the the rates bill will double in a little over 8 years. Hands up who is going to double their annual income in 8 years time? Councillors , put down your hands in shame.

Say the truth too...

Posted on 19-03-2012 16:30 | By wreck1080

This is a 32% increase over 3 years. Remember, increases are compounding.

What the.....

Posted on 19-03-2012 16:27 | By Donnaw

They better not! If they stopped giving themselves "over the top" pay rises then they wouldnt have to incease our rates, this has got to stop, its becoming beyond a joke.

Regional Council out of touch with reality

Posted on 19-03-2012 16:14 | By Gee Really

Totally ridiculous. It’s practically a 30% increase spread over 3 years. This is the same council that had enough money to spend on a junket to Christchurch to welcome it’s former CEO to his new job in Canterbury! This is the same council that has not said an outright No to requests for millions of dollars for a cycling venue in the Waikato! And aren’t they looking at chucking funding into a university here as well? Live within your means Regional Council and keep your rates increases to inflation. You also get the profits of the Port to play with, a Port that should belong to the people of the city in which it is located.

Thieves !!

Posted on 19-03-2012 16:12 | By wreck1080

What world do these thieves live on? Can’t they see that a rates backlash is underway in this country? In 86 years the average rates bill be 100% of the average salary. If the councils keep up their free spending ways then sometime before then there will be civil revolt! Asumptions: average rates = $1500, average salary after tax = $39000, average rates growth = 7%, average salary growth = 3%.

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