Recall of raw milk containing Campylobacter

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Raw (unpasteurised) drinking milk from Central Hawke's Bay producers Lindsay Farm is being recalled after Campylobacter bacteria was found in some product. 

The recall affects Lindsay Farm branded raw drinking milk with a date marking between July 3 and August 11, distributed in a range of locations between Dannevirke and Auckland.

The product is sold in 2-litre plastic bottles. 

Hawke's Bay District Health Board have confirmed Campylobacter infection in a person whose family regularly drank Lindsay Farm's raw milk. The person was admitted to hospital but has since been discharged. There are no other reports of illness in the family. 

Ministry for Primary Industries food compliance manager Melinda Sando says people with Lindsay Farm raw milk at home should visit the MPI recalls website to check if it is among the batches of recalled product.  

"If you have any of the recalled product, throw it out or return it to your supplier.

"You can also heat the raw milk until just boiling or at 70 degrees for one minute to kill any bacteria present before drinking it. 

"Raw milk should also be refrigerated (at 4 degrees or less) to reduce the risk of any harmful bacteria in the milk growing to levels which may make you sick. 

"If you have health concerns after drinking the product, talk to your doctor. 

"Symptoms of Campylobacter infection are vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, fever, headache, and body aches.  

"Drinking raw milk carries inherent risks as it may contain harmful bacteria which are killed through the pasteurisation process. 

MPI is working with Hawke's Bay District Health Board to minimise risk to the public. 

Details of the recall, including the specific distribution points of the product

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Didn't know

Posted on 14-08-2020 12:12 | By Kancho

Din Didn’t know raw milk was permitted for sale. Sort of surprised as pasteurization has been a thing for health reasons for a very long time. Only ever had raw milk on a farm

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