Lime scooters hit Tauranga streets

Lime scooters are now available in Tauranga. Photo/SunLive.

The controversial lime scooter is now available in Tauranga.

The scooters have been released on a trial basis as Tauranga City Council looks to provide different transport solutions for getting around the city.

Lime scooters have been a subject of many a debate on social media, with many people not in favour of them due to safety reasons.

In a statement released earlier this month, council says it believes micro-mobility platforms like Lime scooters as an attractive option for some in the city.

Tauranga Mayor Tenby Powell says a trial will help measure uptake and gather feedback to see if e-scooter sharing platforms were compatible with the wider community’s interests before committing long-term.

“E-scooters present another alternative mode of transport for our city, but only if people are keen to use them. A trial will allow us to measure usage and whether people feel safe using the scooters, or sharing footpaths and roads with them.

“We will be working closely with Lime to monitor compliance and over the course of the trial, the public will be also be asked to provide feedback. By the end of the 12 months we’ll be in a good position to know if they’re a fit for the city.”

The scooters will be able to be ridden all over Tauranga. However, geofencing technology will automatically reduce speeds in certain areas to make it safer for users and pedestrians.

Speeds will be limited to 15km/h in the city centre, Greerton Village, and downtown Mount Maunganui.

The scooters will not be able to be ridden on Mauao trails, cemeteries or on unsealed paths in council parks and reserves.

Hours of operation will be 5am to 12am (midnight) seven days a week, with an earlier curfew of 10pm on Friday and Saturday in downtown Mount Maunganui and the city centre.

According to Lime’s terms and conditions, anyone aged 18 or older can use the e-scooters and users will be able to find and unlock them using an app on their phone.

For more information visit the following links:
More more information on the trial
More information on Lime scooters
More information on safety and usage


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More Council Corruption

Posted on 01-11-2020 10:58 | By Slim Shady

First, they are are just a pile of garbage left all over the show. But more importantly, why is my money stolen from me to subsidise buses, which are virtually empty, and then this Council lets another “mode of transport” into town to compete with the subsidised buses? That is criminal. You either have a free market or not. The choice is simple - STOP subsidising buses or remove scooters. On second thoughts do both of those.

No Way

Posted on 31-10-2020 23:11 | By Yadick

Am I going to get out of the way for a scooter. It’s a FOOTpath. I’ll take the injury if need be but there WILL be hell to play.


Posted on 30-10-2020 14:40 | By morepork

10B is excited because he still has a nice well paid job, and that’s what really matters. Were it not so, he would have resigned months ago, before bringing our city into disrepute and requiring the installation of grown-ups (at Ratepayer expense) to monitor Council behavior. Scooters pose no threat to anyone if you stay in your car...

Points to consider.

Posted on 30-10-2020 14:32 | By morepork

1. The Mayor thinks it is important to find out if the community is in favor of lime scooters. 2. The Mayor thinks there should be a trial run before a final decision on lime scooters is made. Good. Now substitute "rubbish collection" for "lime scooters" in both the above points... The most probable scenario is that the company providing the scooters is already geared up for Tauranga and rubbing their hands in anticipation. The deal has more than likely already been done and you had no say in it...

Taxpayer pays

Posted on 30-10-2020 12:17 | By Kancho

Well Lime scooters hit the footpath! so will pedestrians and riders just like everywhere scoters are allowed. Also the hospitals will be hit with injuries and ACC will have a lot ore claims. So all the other costs like orthopedic surgery lists deferred as the surgeons are deflected to fix injuries caused by scooter / pedestrian accidents. So the council accept that scooters make our city less safe can the councillors actual think this is a good outcome or their mandate or basically they don’t care about the statistics from Auckland and ACC and hospitals et al

Trial Yeh Right

Posted on 30-10-2020 10:42 | By fabpuss

Ring the council log a complaint about underage use or dangerous use or lying across the footpath ask the council to go pick them up. Get a reference number from the council. If there are enough complaints logged surely a trial can only fail?

Not compatible

Posted on 30-10-2020 08:36 | By Mountwatch

My wife and I were walking down the footpath on Marine Parade when a scooter with a mide aged woman came up behind us and started ringing her bell, expecting us to get out of her way. The correct thing for her to do would have been to pass on the road and then back on the footpath again if safe. I think they are great, and even own one, ut they do not have priority on the footpath.

learn from the past

Posted on 30-10-2020 08:30 | By hapukafin

Bob Landy you dont dodge them, walk down the left handside of the foot path and make them move.Johnney,the Mayor is excited about this as he is with his new bin contract,charging a weekly fee in our rates whether the bin is used or not.I use my present bottle bin about 5 times a year. Scooters,no mention of safety equipment to be worn, 15kph in the city center,is this on the road or does it include the footpaths.Most of the pedestrians apart from worker are seniors,15kph is about 3-4 times the walking speed of a senior,these are the shoppers in the city,how many seniors are hearing impaired,they wont hear these scooters racing up behind them. Shoppers will stay away from from the CBD that store keepers are trying to rebuild.

Another Hazard

Posted on 30-10-2020 07:15 | By Bob Landy

Walking yesterday up Maunganui Road from Burger King to Mount Drury I had to dodge six lime scooters on the footpath. This is in addition to dodging the usual array of skate boards, bicycles and privately owned e-scooters. Downtown Maunganui Road is now an area where pedestrians risk serious injury.

There is plenty of evidence of a looming disaster

Posted on 30-10-2020 07:09 | By Johnney

We have had trials in other cities which have ended with endless complaints and multiple accidents. So what’s going to be different in Tauranga. Unfortunately we too many idiots that will fly down footpaths and boardwalks terrorising pedestrians. There will be multiple accidents and brain injuries. Can we hold council to account for all these future accidents and injuries. I can’t understand why our Mayor is “so excited “.

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