Vape warnings could be in te reo Maori

Shosha spokesperson Nabhik Gupta. Photo: Supplied.

Millions of vaping products imported into New Zealand will be required to display warning labels in te reo Maori if new government proposals are implemented.

Under the new proposals, e-cigarettes containing nicotine would be required to carry a warning label advising of the potential for addiction to the product in both English and te reo Maori - similar to that found on cigarettes containing tobacco.

According to latest Census data, 13 per cent of Kiwis are regular smokers, however, this figure is significantly higher for Maori (31 per cent).

A recent Shosha study of 1000 New Zealanders has found Maori are significantly more likely than the national average to use vaping products, either as part of a smoking cessation programme or for some other reason.

Shosha spokesperson Nabhik Gupta says regardless of the outcome of the new proposal, his company has already begun the planning process to redesign the packaging on thousands of products to include a warning in te reo.

“He nikotini kei roto i tenei mea, he matu tino whakawara - this product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.”

Nabhik says unlike tobacco products where the packaging is relatively standardised, the box size of e-cigarettes varies substantially between manufacturers.

“While the redesign and printing of thousands of individual product lines is a significant undertaking and a process which will take months to fully implement, we believe it is an important proactive step for us to take to improve industry standards and help support smokers wanting to transition away from cigarettes.”

He says the introduction of new product safety requirements outlined in the Ministry of Health proposals will also see New Zealand standards become among the world’s strictest.

“The European and UK based standards which the Ministry is proposing are some of the most stringent available.

“If adopted here it will mean consumers can be reassured that only what is on the label what is displayed on the label is present in the product - down to the last molecule,” he says.

Other proposals under review include; options for the definition of an internal area, the display of vaping products in retail stores and websites, the use of harm reduction statements in retail stores and websites, the display of R18 notices at vaping points of sale, packaging requirements for vaping products, and the responsibilities of manufacturers and importers who intend to sell vaping products or smokeless tobacco products.

Private companies who import e-cigarettes will also be required to make their annual reports publicly available - a move Nahbik says will provide competitors with commercially sensitive information.

The Government consultation closes on March 15, 2021.

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Smoking: a Zen solution.

Posted on 29-01-2021 18:33 | By morepork

Most of us underestimate the power of our minds. That power is incredible when properly focused. Around 40 years ago, I was living in Nepal and learning about Buddhism. It teaches the "middle way". You need to be able to have things and not have them, so you can stay balanced. Compulsively having to "not have" a cigarette ("mustn’t smoke...") is just as bad as compulsively needing to "have one"; you need to be able to change your mind either way. Feel the need, OK, I’ll have one, OR, change my mind, have one later. YOU control it, YOU decide. It’s a kind of "gradient" cold turkey. You gradually decide not to have them. I was doing 40 a day and got off in around 4 weeks. (last 2 were Hell...) Clean to the present, and no desire any more. YMMV.

@Tom Ranger

Posted on 29-01-2021 18:19 | By morepork

Sadly Tom, you are right. There is mounting independent and credible scientific evidence that vaping is every bit as dangerous long term as smoking is. I understand what you say; I smoked 40 a day... But that was 40 years ago. I know it is really hard to quit, but it CAN be done. I went "cold turkey" and for a couple of weeks I thought I was going to die (and wished I could...), but it got better and I’m still here. Try and get some of the help available, look at hypnosis, acupuncture, holistic herbalism, anything that can help to break the habit, rather than just redirect your addiction. I wish you every success.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 28-01-2021 12:11 | By Tom Ranger

imo a big reason people smoke is because they feel over-worked/stressed and finding it hard to cope. Smoking has an affect of dulling a persons emotions which sometimes is the quickest easiest way for smokers to distract themselves from the reality of life’s struggles. The rat-race again...pushing people to the brink. Making life more expensive while it does stop some. It certainly doesn’t make life easier for the smokers struggling/working their butts off. Yeah...I stopped 4 months or so ago. But started vaping unfortunately. I would not be surprised if science says it’s worse than smoking eventually.


Posted on 27-01-2021 15:38 | By morepork

If the products were not imported there would be no need to worry about the wording. Who decided that it would enhance the standard of living in our country to import these pointless and dangerous products? They are made by mega-rich powerful people who cynically see a chance to extend their existing fortunes by unloading an addictive product onto naive countries like ours. We don’t NEED this stuff and only very stupid people would WANT it. The argument that it helps get people off smoking has NO scientific credibility; it simply redirects an addiction in a different direction. We should ban it, and spend more on helping people quit smoking by other means.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 27-01-2021 11:43 | By Tom Ranger

Because a disclaimer will stop people using them. Yeah right. Next stage...increasing taxes. The govt doesn’t care about any of us. Money comes first. If you haven’t realized this by now. I think you should maybe watch the govt closer and do your own research. Not taking thing’s they say and do at face-value.


Posted on 27-01-2021 09:46 | By Walbuck

... How about also doing it in Mandarin There’s more Nz’ers fluent in that than Te Reo If of course safety is the reason not just posturing

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